March Sweet Taste of Spring in Ogunquit Maine

Lots of things Spring eternal – hope, Tigger from Whinnie the Pooh. And with Spring officially just around the corner, Spring in Ogunquit is upon us. Yes the flowers have a long and muddy way to go and you are not quite ready to break out the flip flops – but Spring in Ogunquit is still the time to shake those winter blues. An Ogunquit vacation to our Maine resort can celebrate just surviving this winter and taking a good thaw in the hot tub.

In fact, your room can even come with a hot tub – with Spring deals the value of our Ogunquit hotel’s Luxury Suites is amazing. Our Maine resort’s Presidential Suites received a wonderful recognition as the Best Place to Honeymoon in New England.

Another sweet reason to join us – Maine Maple Sunday, which is really a whole weekend of fun. From alpacas to syrup on ice cream to pottery to syrup on pancakes to, well, more syrup, Maine Maple Weekend is a celebration of artisan crafts and delicious yummy syrup. Syrup so good, it’s a good thing this travel mug was found!

  • Janet was checking the Fitness Center at the Meadowmere Resort and inspecting the ladies locker room area. She found a travel mug left behind and decide to check the health club area for any ladies that may be using the hotel gym. After taking the time to check with several women, Janet found the owner of the travel mug who was surprised and delighted – she had completely forgotten about it! Janet taking a few minutes to go this extra mile saved her from a visit to Lost N Found and made the guest’s day.
  • Right tighty, left loosey. But sometimes one doesn’t know their own strength and righty tighty becomes can’t turn on the shower. Jodi was cleaning a room when a guest asked her for help – she had been struggling to turn the shower on and had just plumb given up. Jodi happily gave it a twist and set it loosely off so that the guest could easily adjust when and how she would like. The guest was grateful for the help and Jodi quickly and discretely helping her.

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