April Showers – Ogunquit Springs into 2014 Season

Okay – so at the Meadowmere Resort, we know Maine is known for Lobster. Lots of Lobster. Our state critter is everyone where – from lobster candy to lobster traps to lobster hats to lobster pots – you get the idea. But one place where we all seem to agree that lobsters should be: in our Maine restaurants. On the plate, in the roll, lazy man or whole.

Why does the Meadowmere Resort family have lobster on the brain this week? It’s because Ogunquit is gearing up for the season! Which means some of our favorite and best Maine lobster restaurants are opening for the season. Here are a few Ogunquit Maine lobster restaurants coming to the 2014 season for you!

  • Lobster Shack, Perkins Cove – Nothing like their classic lobster roll eaten on the side of the pier as lobstermen go in and out for their catch. Ayuh – that’s some fresh Maine air on the side!
  • Ogunquit Lobster Pound – This spot is just too much fun. With live lobster tanks to watch for hours, picnic style seating and ample parking. Perfect family pick.
  • Barnacle Billy’s – The grand-daddy of the Ogunquit Lobster Experience. Bibs, crackers, steamers on the side, indoor or outdoor seating, Mainers calling your order number. And a rum punch to wash down all that buttery goodness.

And it’s not just Ogunquit’s lobster restaurants that has us looking forward to the 2014. Our team is gearing up too. Check out a few of this past week’s service stories:

  • Making coffee in our West Meadow Pub is an important task. We all know how a little gas in the tank helps start the day. But for one guest, herbal tea was the request. Janet searched the pub and could not find an herbal tea that worked. She then remembered that she had some herbal tea in her housekeeping cart just for special requests. Janet made a personal trip to the guest’s room to deliver the tea. Making a great start to this guest’s day!
  • Occasionally Meadowmere guests travel to Ogunquit Maine with quite a lot. Even having to ship boxes ahead of time. When not alerted of the shipment in advance or labeled to the guest name, boxes often go to the hotel delivery drop. When Matt discovered a group of boxes there, he quickly realized that they belonged to a group of guests joining us for a Jonathan’s concert. Matt gathered up the boxes and personally delivered them to Jonathan’s – Ready for show time!

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