Ogunquit Patriots Day Festival 2014

Ogunquit’s Patriot’s Day Festival is all about hanging with history.  Paul Revere, Ben Franklin – some pretty impressive characters. This annual Maine festival signals that Ogunquit is open for the season. Which of course means our Southern Maine village likes to share just how amazing the food is by the beach. The annual Ogunquit Patriot’s Day Festival means the Taste of the Town. Local restaurants and chefs showcase delicious treats from desserts to chowders to artisan pizza, complete with beer sample naturally. It’s reason alone to visit our Ogunquit Resort but here are a few more highlights of the Ogunquit Maine Patriot’s Day Festival and you can find a compete list of Patriot’s Day Festival activities here:

  • Historical Reenactment – Party at Dolly Madison’s House, Friday evening
  • Fife & Drum Concert – Friday evening
  • Beach Bazaar – Saturday all day over 50 vendors of crafts and goodies
  • Historical Figure Treasure hunt – Find them if you can! Saturday day
  • Taste of the Town – Saturday day. Delicious – Need we say more?
  • Irish Folk Music – Saturday night
  • Pooch Pageant & Dog Show – Sunday morning. Even Fido approves!
  • Duck Race  – an Ogunquit classic , Sunday morning with the tide.

And it’s not just Ogunquit’s Patriot’s Day celebration that has our Maine Resort looking forward to the 2014. Our team is sharing restaurants tips and more –  Check out a few of this past week’s service stories:

  • One of the long time favorites at the Meadowmere Resort is our Outdoor Jacuzzi. This past week one couple was so excited to enjoy the 103 degree water and bubbles that they completely forgot towels. Now early April in Maine can be a bit chilly when making the dash from Outdoot Hot Tub back inside. Andy noticed that they had no towels and made a quick trip to the hotel lobby to pick up a few for them. The couple was so grateful – it had only just occurred to them that they could really use those towels!
  • Eating in Maine is a joy. And not just for Lobster – there’s a great food movement and cuisine scene in Ogunquit and beyond. Stuart was chatting with a long time guest who mentioned that they were celebrating their 45th anniversary. They hadn’t thought about it much but now they really wanted a special dinner place. Stuart put on his thinking cap and realized that midweek, several of the nicer restaurants in Southern Maine were closed that evening. He could think of one special place – Joshua’s – but knew that a same night reservation was unheard of – the Wells restaurant is that popular. But he worked his magic and presented the guest with a note for an 8 o’clock reservation that night. The guests were thrilled and had a wonderful time at this slow food gem just north of our Ogunquit Maine Resort.
  • These days there are all sorts of ways to open wine – screw caps, fancy boxes. But one guest this week had a good old fashioned cork skew bottle. Our team at the Meadowmere Resort were happy to provide a complimentary bottle opener but it just wasn’t doing the trick. Jeremy was walking by just as the guest was going for help. Jeremy gave it a good try but couldn’t open the bottle. He then remembered that he kept his waiter’s bottle opener in his car and quickly went to retrieved it. Worked like a charm and the guest was thrilled that Jeremy was so resourceful and helpful.

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