April Showers bring the 2014 Season to Ogunquit

Many take a Maine family vacation this April especially with the school Spring break. Tis the Season to enjoy budding flowers, Marginal Way and family fun. Of course, many ask what it there to do on a family vacation to Maine now? At our Ogunquit Maine family resort we are happy to help. Planning a family vacation to Ogunquit beach is really wonderful anytime of year – but April/May is a great pick for many reasons: less crowds, great value and good memories.

Planning a family vacation for April break in Maine can be filled with old fashion fun. From our family resort in Maine you can enjoy these Maine family vacation picks for Spring:

  • Barnacle Billy’s  – Even if the whole family does not eat our state critter, Lobsters are still a kick to look at and Perkins Cove is full of real lobster boats. So crack open the steamers and don that bib – it’s time for some butter dipping in Ogunquit!
  • Marginal Way – Sure kids today are attached to an i-something. But the beauty of Marginal Way and the lure of just what might be in that tidepool or just how those rocks are balanced will break that spell. Or at least give them something natural to twit pic. Wholesome family fun with perhaps with a seal sighting.
  • Mt. Agamenticus – Go play in our backyard. Mt. A is a hiking blast and the tallest point in Southern Maine. Meaning even this far inland, you will have a family sighting of the ocean. You might even sneak a little education in with the cool trails signs explaining local critters and trees. Your Maine family vacation can stay on tracks with well groomed hiking trails and easy parking.
  • Harbor Candy Shop – Okay, so this one is not on the healthy list. But if your family vacation to Maine is walking and hiking, this gets a pass. Plus, this shop is a locally owned Maine made Willy Wonka kind of candy shop. Stop in for the smell of fresh chocolate and indulge a little on your Maine family vacation – it is a chance for everyone to be a kid.
  • Liquid Dreams Paddle Boarding – What you say?!? It’s freezing in that Maine water. Wet suit technology is amazing, the whole family will be warm and toasty. Paddle boarding is fun and great for almost all ages – 5 and up can get in on the fun. Your family can take a 2 hour trip up Ogunquit River, view the estuaries just coming to life for the season and once again, i-phone,pads and gadgets get left ashore. It’s a chance to make memories and grab that elusive feeling of peace. For 2 hours.

And it’s not just planning an April Family vacation that has our Maine Resort looking forward to the Spring season. Even the occasional April shower can by overcome – Our family resort in Ogunquit has indoor pool, hot tub, TV room, Roman Spa, game room and plenty of amenities to wait out the rain drops til it’s time to take your family adventure out for pizza. Or have it delivered – it’s your Spring family vacation to Ogunquit after all! Put your feet up and now read how a little thing makes a big difference at our Maine family resort:

  • One of the beautiful things about a family vacation to Maine, is that the beauty of Maine makes one disconnect from technology. Skip those emails, miss text and socialize within arms reach not Facebook webs. But for one guest the real world could not be ignored and he had to check his email – it was so important, he was up in the middle of the night. Using our guest computer center, this guest was struggling with an AOL sign in. Jack came to the rescue as it was late and quickly the guest was able to access his account and catch up. The guest was thrilled.
  • One of the best things about our family resort in Ogunquit is the chance to add a few hours more to a vacation with a complimentary guest pass to freshen up before heading home. Two ladies had decided to enjoy the afternoon with the pools and hot tubs and then headed to the Ladies locker room – only to discover that they had packed their shampoo and soap. Though the locker room has a shampoo/soap combination, it was not the same – especially when you had hopes for your own products from home. Janet happened to be walking through checking for cleanliness and said hello, noticing that the ladies seemed to need some help. Once she learned of the concern, Janet headed up to housekeeping cart for our amenity shampoo and soap and returned to save the day. Or at least the hair day!

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