July 4th Ogunquit Fireworks – Hot Hot Hot

July is HOT. The summer heat has arrived in Ogunquit, which makes the ocean breeze at the outdoor pool even better at our Ogunquit hotel. Long sunny days in Maine are exactly what you want on your July 4th Maine vacation. This year, the fireworks in Ogunquit Maine begin at 915pm at the Main Beach with DJ spinning tunes before and after the show. And what a fireworks show it is! One of Maine’s best fireworks shows has long been Ogunquit’s fireworks. There is something truly special about Ogunquit Beach, Marginal Way and the ability to stroll from the Meadowmere to the show and back.  Often, guests are relieved to find that our hotel’s central Ogunquit location is just far enough to avoid the crowds hanging around lawns and hotel spaces and return home to rest after the show.

Here are some tips on planning your Ogunquit Maine fireworks experience:

  • Pack those dancing shoes: Ogunquit’s fireworks features live DJ both before and after the show. Family friendly and a fun way to pass the time after nabbing the best spot early and waiting for the crowds to clear out post show.
  • Bring the Picnic Basket: As in bring it along in the car. You can stock the basket with goodies from Village Food Market so a picnic dinner can be enjoyed along the many viewing spots – beach, walking path, Marginal Way, Beach Street. Plus, there is a perfect picnic spot at the Ogunquit Heritage Museum for the next day.
  • Don’t Feed the Birds: Of course, you probably had no intention to feed those pesky seagulls. We mean the Piping Plovers in Ogunquit. Stay away from the beach dunes – these endangered species love nesting from mid June til late August and much like us, Piping Plovers love Ogunquit Beach. They don’t mind the fireworks show, but they do mind company. Keep to the sand and parking lot.
  • Be Patient: Fireworks are tricky with over 25,000 viewers and Mother Nature. The Ogunquit Chamber, who supports the fireworks, wants everyone to enjoy safely. Keep the sparklers and personal fireworks (which are not allowed in Ogunquit) at home. Settle in, enjoy the amazing company of friends and family and let the experts set up, check the wind and put on a wonderful holiday show.

In Ogunquit Maine, at our Ogunquit hotel, the Ogunquit fireworks are just a 10-2 minute walk. And the trolley runs to take the family to beach area up to an hour beforehand. July 4th is an All American holiday and Maine is an a great place to celebrate. Freedom, ingenuity, determination. Maybe it is the spirit of Maine that helps us take good care of your vacation!

  • The Great Race, running from Ogunquit to Florida, recently stayed at the Meadowmere Resort. We had a lot of fun looking at the vintage cars and talking with the drivers and owners. Janet was admiring one of the cars when the owner came by, very upset that he did not have enough rags to polish his car. Janet immediately got the guest a bag of our rags to shine up the car. He was so grateful and impressed at the problem solving and quick thinking.
  • The Meadowmere Resort is a family hotel, with game rooms, pools and TV room. Often Mom and Dad pack up the kids for the first time and join us. One such family was with us for four nights and on the third night, Kyle noticed that the dad was in charge of the early morning watch, bringing the kids down to the lobby so mom could sleep in. The gentleman looked a bit tired and was looking for the remote to the lobby TV. Kyle happily helped setup the kids with morning cartoons and then caught the dad about to pour himself a coffee. Kyle stopped him as the pot was decaf and let him know he has the good stuff about ready to come out. The dad, still sleepy, hadn’t even noticed. The guest was very grateful that the caffeinated version was on the way just as the sun was coming up.

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