Corvette Club Vacations in Maine : How to Plan Your Car Club Outing in Ogunquit

Chevrolet did it right with their iconic Corvette – with over 60 years of history America’s Supercar has collected quite the following.  At the Meadowmere Resort we’ve been fortunate to welcome dozens of car enthusiasts from around the country.  Just this weekend the New England Corvette Club joined us for their third year in a row!  Our route one location allows for visitors to stop in and admire over a dozen different colors and styles of corvettes.   With private parking and a never ending supply of rags our team knows how to take care of not just our guests but also their most prized possessions.  Here are some other stories that show we’re here for you.

While our housekeeper Janet was cleaning a stay over she noticed an Anniversary Card perched on the table.  Wanting to ensure their stay was special Janet folded the bath towels in the shape of swans and left a box of chocolates with a Happy Anniversary note.

Hannah was collecting some change out of the safe when she noticed a lost credit card with a familiar name.  Recognizing that this belonged to a guest that had already left us, Hannah gave them a call to let them know what she had found, she verified their address and sent it home to them.

From one of our guests:

“To you all: during a recent stay I celebrated my 91st birthday on September the tenth.  My daughters had graciously arranged this, as my late husband and I and family had visited you through the years.  You kindly sent up to our room a birthday cake!  It meant a lot!  Thank You!!  God Bless you!”

Scott just joined our team and although he’s been very successful with his training, it’s still going to take some time before he knows all the familiar faces at the Meadowmere.  We certainly appreciate patience from our guests as we work to train all new members and while Scott was creating a reservation for one of our Top Guests he knew it was taking him a bit longer than it should.  Thankful for her patience and knowing how eager she was to get started on her getaway, Scott had a personal note thanking her for her time as well as a gift of appreciation!

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