4 Ways to Plan a Networking Event in Ogunquit Maine

Every meeting planner knows the word: Networking. The connections made at a meeting can help move a business forward. At the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit Maine, one of our top requests for corporate events is the networking time. How to plan a great networking event in Maine is a topic we are happy to help with.

There has to be more than just opening the doors and hoping people will mingle outside the usual circles. Meeting attendees often know who is coming beforehand and plan to spend time with familiar contacts. But CEO’s and owners want fresh new ideas and opportunities to come back from a few days at at conference. Networking is often like sneaking in those good veggies to a kindergartner. It’s good for them!

When planning a networking event in Maine, here are some tips to successful, fun networking in Ogunquit:

  1. Craft Beer Bingo

Maine has an amazing craft beer scene – from ales to lagers, single brew to quads. Local brewers in Southern Maine are colorful, friendly and will even throw in an ‘Ayuh!’ now and then. By introducing Bingo into the mix, there is the fun of learning key brewing words and the competition of getting to Bingo. Paired with a 4 course tasting of craft beers explained along the way, the networking  conversations begin to flow like, well, beer, as attendees discover Maine’s vibrant home brews.

2. Moosin’ Around Maine

We don’t horse around in Maine – We Moose around. Teach everyone a little Maine style with how to speak like a Maine-ah. Or see who’s moose-riffic at trivia for Maine state facts. Correct answers can be rewarded with a little chocolate moose poop. Examples of real Maine stumpers:

  • What percentage of blueberries does Maine produce?
  • What is the name of Maine’s highest point? How about Southern Maine’s highest point?

3. Paint by the Sea

Ogunquit is known as beautiful place by the sea. With over 3 miles of white sandy beach, cliff side ocean walk Marginal Way and working fishing inlet Perkins Cove, Ogunquit is a classic Maine village. A long time home to artists, Ogunquit is known for modernism art and more. Pair up in teams or have each person work side by side on a scene in Ogunquit. Pairs perfectly with a wine bar or craft beer bar and is a fun way to learn about the art scene in Ogunquit while networking over how to paint a Maine lobster.

4. Scavenger Hunt Mainer Style

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. With the Meadowmere Resort’s central location, small teams named after Maine icons can hustle to the Ogunquit Heritage Museum, local shops, beach, Marginal Way, Perkins Cove and Ogunquit Playhouse in search of the perfect clue. Not only can teams mix together new and familiar faces, but quickly work together to find the items in the best time. Winning team is welcome to wear flannel as official Maine (scavenger) hunters!

Ogunquit Maine is a special place to host an association and networking event. From bringing in an authentic Maine craft beer brewer to putting Maine’s most painted landscape on a canvas, when you plan your networking event in Maine, you can plan on a lot more than chowdah and lobstah!

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