Ogunquit Maine Beer Tastings – Top Five Maine Craft Beers for 2015

What does Craft Beer have to do with Maine?  Well historically nothing, however over the past couple of year’s craft brews and craft breweries having been moving into our little village of Ogunquit and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned along with the Top Five must try brews for 2015 in Maine.

Craft Breweries in Southern Maine are unique and independently owned which allows for an emphasis on quality, flavor and creative brews.  This is just one of the reasons why we felt it was important to provide our guests with the Ogunquit Maine Craft Beer Package.  This unique experience allows for a Four Course Craft Beer Dinner at Cornerstone Restaurant, in room breakfast basket and a late check-out of 1pm –extra time to unwind!  Check out Cornerstone Beer Dinner’s on select Monday’s this winter, these feature presentation from the brewer’s and a offer up a ton of knowledge on how these great craft beers are created.

Top Five Maine Craft Brews


1. Beer: Crystal Persuasion

Brewery: SoMe Brewery – York, Maine

Description:This father and son team has been brewing for a long time and always dreamed of opening a brewery.  With a focus on improving the standard of styles of beer by ensuring high end ingredients, the best part is they welcome you to stop in, check it out and enjoy a tasting right on site!  This favorite craft beer is a double pale ale showcasing Crystal Hops

2. Beer: Greenwarden

Brewery:Banded Horn – Biddeford, Maine

Description:This is an odd offering made just up the road in Biddeford ME.  It is a hoppy beer but the twist is that they added spruce tips picked this past spring to the batch which gives the beer a new complexity and earthiness that is delicious.

3. Beer:Blaze

Brewery: Foundation Brewery – Portland, Maine

Description:This wonderful brewery makes excellent American versions of Belgian beers and this Belgian style IPA is a great example of how a well cultivated yeast strain can create a complex, sweet depth to an normally bitter style like an IPA.

4. Beer:Machine Czech Pils

Brewery: Bunker Brewing – Portland, Maine

Description: This brewery is located in a 1920’s era garage this artisan brewery strives to create experimental, traditional and seasons brews while fostering a since of community of craft brew enthusiasts.  Machine Czech Pils is their first flagship.  Bicuity German malt with boatloads of Skuky Saaz hops 5.2% ABV

5. Beer: Box the Compass

Brewery: SoMe Brewing Company – York, Maine

Description: At SoMe Brewing Company, the focus is on offering Variety. Beer is extremely subjective and not everyone likes the same style.   As craft beer drinkers these brewers often find breweries focusing on a few types of styles which has inspired them to feature eight rotating beers on tap.  Box the Compass is a new experimental Hoppy American IPA

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