Top Three Things to Learn this year in Ogunquit Maine

#1 Learn about Maine, there’s a lot of History from Lighthouses to Sea Captains, Chickadees to Moose, you’ll find lots to learn and explore in the great state of Maine.  Take a gander at the questions below and stay tuned to our blog this year for the answers.

  1. Do you know which Maine Lighthouse was home to Mr. T the 20lb cat that loved to swim in the ocean?
  2. Who is George W. Bourne?  And why is his old house referred to as the most photographed house in the state of Maine?
  3. Where did Ogunquit get its name and why?
  4. Who founded the art colony in Ogunquit?
  5. Maine Moose Facts True or False
    1. Maine Moose have very good eye sight.
    2. Maine Moose cannot swim.
    3. Maine Moose are the largest member of the deer family.

#2 Learn to Master the Waves

Sea Kayaking – Learn to enjoy the sport of sea kayaking then head out to master the waves with a five mile exploration of Maine’s Coastline.

Surfing – Ever dreamed of walking on water?  Surfing is your chance! Learn why over 20 million people across the world find this sport so addicting with a Surfing Lesson this summer.

Paddle Boarding – A sport that is exploding worldwide and Liquid dreams is “stoked” to teach it to families and couples in Ogunquit Maine.  Learn how to tackle the surf perfect for all ages.

#3 Learn to Sing, Loosen up and Have Fun.

Ok maybe you won’t learn to sing but with a Piano Bar year round, the Front Porch offers a great escape, you’ll find a joyful singing crowd here so tune up, jump in and let loose!

If this little town of Ogunquit teaches you anything it should be to loosen up and have fun!  At our Annual Christmas by the Sea festival our Ocean Rescue Team sure gets silly as they gear up in Polar Bear costumes and plunge into the frosty December Ocean!

While you’re learning all about our great state and home town we’re learning how make your stay memorable here are a few memories our staffed created this week:

Hannah was reviewing notes for guests arriving later that day and noticed a family joining us.  We had rooms open that were a bit larger than what the guests booked she offered them a Return Guest Upgrade at no additional charge.  The guests appreciated the extra space to relax and unwind.

Our resort is the perfect escape all year round and with our Roman Spa and TV room guests find it a perfect retreat from the winter snow!  With balcony and patio’s available in the majority of our rooms guests often enjoy the private escape in season, this week however a guest noted that there was a bit of a draft coming in from the sliding glass door in their room making it a bit cold for her liking.  Andy in our Maintenance department went right to the room and realized the sliding door had come a bit off it’s track keeping the seal from setting properly.  He promptly fixed it ensuring these guests could enjoy a cozy and warm escape from the winter chill!

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