Top reasons to visit Southern Maine for a Long Weekend this President’s Day

Since 1776 when America declared its independence and said “All men are created equal” and “With certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” we have been a country representing Freedom.  Independence Day, Veterans Day and  Memorial Day are among the many National Holiday’s allowing “We the people” time to remember and celebrate our great nation.

Presidents’ Day is a day to celebrate our right to elect our leaders and to remember the great leaders of countries history.  There’s no better place to pursue life, liberty and happiness than Ogunquit Maine, where past presidents have frequented the shops and restaurants.  Our neighbor to the north Kennebunkport is presidential as well, a short drive from the Meadowmere Resort will bring you to wonderful views of the ocean and the Bush family compound along its shoreline.

At our Southern Maine hotel our people are here to help you celebrate freedom from work and the stresses of everyday life as you escape to the Meadowmere Resort.  Below are a few examples from this week:

On a Girl Friends Getaway visit to our Ogunquit Maine hotel two guests had intended on driving to Ogunquit together.  Unfortunately as the time approached from them to make the journey one of the guests had a pet who was ill and needed to visit the vet.  These guests decided to drive up separately, knowing that parking is limited to one space per reservation the guest inquired about Ogunquit Parking Options at Check-In.  Our front desk staff soon learned the reason for the two cars and was able to arrange complimentary over night parking.

Trisha our Housekeeper was tiding up the halls when she noticed a couple struggling with their luggage.  She inquired which room they were headed too and offered a hand getting their belongings up to their room.  The guests were very appreciative with the help and quickly settled in for a weekend of relaxation.

Hannah at the front desk overheard a guest saying she was here celebrating her birthday!  Hannah put together a Happy Birthday Card and a box of chocolates and had them delivered to the guests room.

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