How to Lobster like a Maine-ah – Group Tour Ideas for Spring in Ogunquit Maine

A true Maine-ah knows that best Lobst-ahs are the shedders or soft shell lobsters, and although there’s novelty in eating that great big Lobst-ah, all the tastiest meat is found in the 1-pounders.  That’s why springing into Ogunquit Maine in May or June will ensure your Group a genuine Maine Lobst-ah experience – just like the locals.

At the Meadowmere Resort we know a thing or two about Maine Lobsters – here’s what you need to know to ensure your group gets the most from your Maine Group Tour:

For lobsters, molting is an ongoing process, lobsters grow throughout their lives and with a hard inelastic shell they are forced to continuously shed the old and grow anew.  As the water begins to warm up in the spring lobsters begin the shed, after a few days of hiding in secluded areas of the ocean floor the lobster emerges and begins to regain its normal activities.  It can take several months for a lobster’s new shell to fully harden, which is why your group will enjoy a soft shell lobster in May and June.

An account from James Rosier in 1605 noted that lobsters were so plentiful that a single net thrown off the shore produced thirty lobsters!  The state of Maine speculates that lobstering may very well be the oldest and continuously operated industry in North America.

To preserve this marine resource and the livelihood of our lobsterman there are very strict rules and regulations within the industry.  Such regulations includes size, each lobsterman must have a special gauge that measures the body shell length of a lobster, A legal lobster in the State of Maine measures between 3 ¼ inches and 5 inches between the extreme rear of the eye socket to the end of the lobsters body.  This measurement regulation paired with preserving fertile female lobsters ensures the continual growth of the lobster population.

With over 30 years experience in welcoming Motor Coach Groups the Meadowmere Resort offers the perfect escape for your tour of Southern Maine.   Set between Ogunquit Village and Perkins Cove your group can experience all the charm of our quaint fishing village while enjoying inclusive personalized welcome reception, on-site motor coach parking and award-winning amenities.  The Meadowmere Resort is sure to fit in your budget with spring rates starting at just $54.95 per person double occupancy, ask about our Escort Discounts and onsite breakfast options.

Experience the art of lobstering in Perkins Cove with a 50 minute educational tour aboard the FinestKind.  The Hubbard Family has more than seven generations native to Ogunquit, Maine and began this family boat charter in the 1950’s inspired by the love of Maine’s Coastline.   On board their Lobstering Trip your group will experience the industry first hand as traps are hauled and lobsters caught by an authentic Maine Lobsterman.  Your tour guide will provide a detailed explanation of the lobster fishery along with the many scenic points of interest along the Maine Coast.  You haven’t seen Maine until you’ve seen it from the sea – with discount group rates the FinestKind can’t be beat.

Home to the most scenic Lighthouse in the State, York Maine is just a 15 minute drive from the hotel and the best place for your group to enjoy an authentic Maine Lobster Bake at Fosters.  Yet another native Family Business since the 1950’s, Foster’s Downeast Clambake offer’s your group a genuine Maine experience with a traditional Clambake featuring the freshest Maine Lobster.  For lobster “newbies” the local staff will even show you how to eat a Maine Lobster and provide lobster bibs for the whole group!  They truly are “fostering” a Maine tradition.

Perkins Cove not only hosts the fishery of lobstering, this charming harbor is also where you can find some of the best lobster rolls in Maine.  As your groups steps off the FinestKind or the Marginal Way Path they’ll find unique Maine Shops, Homemade Candies and genuine take out eateries featuring the best lobster rolls around.  A stroll across one of the last remaining wooden draw-footbridges in the United States offers a unique view of the fascinating life of this little port and its lobsterman.

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