How to Survive School Vacation: Keep the Kids Entertained in Ogunquit Maine

Whether your visit with us has become a tradition for your family or if you’re staying with us for the first time this school vacation, the Meadowmere Resort has all you need to keep your kids entertained.  With hotel amenities included in the room such as indoor pool, game room and TV room all within the quaint village of Ogunquit your family is safe and sound in Southern Maine.

At the Meadowmere Resort our guests often forget about the large back yard behind our East Meadow Building.  Tucked in away from the road this secret spot is the perfect place to build your family snowman and snow-angels.

Not used to the snow?  Here are some tips to help your family enjoy their winter escape.

Dress warm!  Maine winters are cold, make sure your family has a winter coat, snow pants, hat, gloves and a scarf to keep warm.

Five Steps to Make a Snow Angel

  1. Pick a Spot – fresh powdery snow works best
  2. Fall Backwards
  3. Move your arms and legs – like you’re doing jumping jacks!
  4. Press your head to the ground
  5. Have someone help you to stand up

Five Steps to Make a Snow Man

  1. Build The Base – Make a large snowball, pack it tightly and roll it along the ground.  As it accumulates more snow it will begin to grow.  Once it reaches around 2 feet wide your snowman is ready for the body
  2. Build the Body – Repeat step one, the body should be about 2/3 the size of the base.  Have an adult lift the body and place it on top of the base.
  3. Build the Head – Repeat step one, the head should be about ½ the size of the body.  Place the head on top of the body.
  4. Create the Face – Using Rocks for the eyes and Mouth and a Carrot or small stick for the nose
  5. Accessorize – Find an extra Hat and Scarf to complete you’re snow man and add three rocks to the body for buttons.

No matter the season we are here bringing your family a Maine experience, here are a few ways our team did just that this week:

While getting the day started at our Front Desk, Hannah noticed a family arriving with multiple rooms.  Although they were booked into the same building the rooms were on different floor levels.  Knowing families generally like to be close together when traveling to our Ogunquit Maine hotel, Hannah took a few minutes to move some things around and get the rooms right next door to each other.

Crystal in our Housekeeping department was refreshing the complimentary coffee in our lobby when she noticed a guest waiting in line at the front desk.  This guest had some left overs that needed to be heated in the microwave for his family.  Crystal asked if she could assist him, and heated the food up right away so he could get back to his hungry kids.

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