Maine Maple Sunday: A History of Maine Maple Syrup from Ogunquit

Ogunquit Family Vacations foster education with tales from the tribe that named this village beautiful place by the sea.  In Abenaki Legend Gluskabe was hero who taught the indigenous people the arts of civilization and protected them from danger.  One of these lessons pertains to laziness and gluttony. This legend describes Gluskabe stumbling upon an Abenaki Tribe who had discovered Maple Syrup pouring bountifully from the Maple trees.  Gluskabe noticed that the tribe had abandoned the responsibilities of their lives and village, so he filled the maple trees with water making it much harder to harvest and ensuring the syrup could only be produced once a year.

As one of the top Maple producers in the country Maine is the state to visit for the Annual Maple Sunday Celebration.  The history of Maple syrup goes back much farther than the settlement of the United States as the legend above notates.  This process was taught to the English settlers by native tribes such as the Abenaki and has deep roots in the history of Maine.  Spend your Ogunquit Family Vacation learning the process of how maple syrup finds its way from the tree to your children’s pancakes.

Ogunquit Family Vacations at the Meadowmere Resort during the 4th Sunday of every March include a map of the states’ best maple farms.  2015 brings our 32nd Annual Maine Maple Sunday Event including Educational Demonstrations, Sugarbush tours and of course lots of delicious samples.

Ogunquit Maine is located in York County which boasts over a dozen Certified Maine Maple Farms whose doors will be open for the event.  Just down the street you’ll find Chase Farm with their unique wood fire Maple process the kids will enjoy wagon rides and face painting.  Additional local farms are offering sweet memories with pancake breakfasts, maple cotton candy, maple apple crisps, maple syrup ice cream to name a few.  With the kids hyped up on maple sugar running around on the farms with scavenger hunts, calf naming and sap running contests is sure to wear them out!

Start a tradition at the Meadowmere with Maine Maple Sunday and foster education and appreciation with your Ogunquit Family Vacation.

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