Growing Green Top Five Picks from Ogunquit Maine

At our green hotel in Ogunquit Maine we strive to ensure the natural resources that make Ogunquit the most beautiful place by the sea are intact for generations to come.  This is why our efforts in Eco-Tourism stretch farther than reduction in waste & energy consumption and farther than solar hot water & electricity.  In fact there are so many things changing as we all learn to be more environmentally friendly our diligent staff is always working to ensure that we are up to date with Environmental practices.

The majority of our commitment is behind the scene and although a number of guests do take advantage of the ECO Tours we offer, our efforts tend to go unseen the majority of the time.  That is of course with the exception of our landscaping and grounds.  So many of our guests visit our hotel in Ogunquit Maine in the Fall and Winter and compliment our Holiday Spirit as they see rows of pumpkins big and small, cornstalks galore and over 10,000 inches of Christmas garland.  All these seasonal decorations come from our local farmers and have for decades.

In season the pools and grounds are blooming with beautiful native flowers, nourished by organic fertilizer and cared for by our local gardening team.  Our staff’s favorite Ogunquit Maine restaurant recommendations include those who either grow their own vegetables and herbs or source them from local farmers.  Here are our TOP Five Ogunquit Maine Restaurants that practice sustainability

  1. Jonathan’s Restaurant located adjacent to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine this restaurant is family owned and operated and Jonathan’s farm is just down the road.  The lamb and many of their vegetables are either locally sourced or grown on their farm.
  2. Clay Hill Farm Restaurant is committed to exceeding your dinning expectations not only with food which is local, seasonal, sustainable foods and in support of local farmers.  Some say they inspired the Eco Movement in Ogunquit Maine as they were the first restaurant in the country to be certified as a natural wildlife habitat & bird sanctuary.  They were also one of the earliest businesses in Southern Maine to be recognized in the state’s Environmental Leadership program – just a few years after our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.
  3. Frankie and Johnies promises “you’ll never find anything processed in his kitchen!”  With homemade breads and pasta’s customers are amazed with the naturally prepared cuisine that joins creativity and healthy foods for the gourmet enthusiast.  The only minor bump you’ll find here is they do not accept credit cards (plastic is not natural), but the good news is our hotel in Ogunquit Maine has an ATM right in the lobby.
  4. Joshua’s Restaurant is chef owned and operated with strict priorities for purchasing.  Freshness first, Organic and natural second and local third.  Of course in season he prides in hitting the trifecta on vegetable grown on his own farm.  Even the cocktail list is based on local and seasonal ingredients here!

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