Top Five Green Family Fun Ideas from Ogunquit

At our Maine Family resort we know the importance of growth and want to help you share this knowledge with your kids.  As spring blossoms in the New Year there’s no better time to get your kids excited about the new life unfolding outside.  As our Maine Family resort we have a few tricks to peak their interest in Gardening.

Here are our Top Five Gardening Tips for your Kids

#1 Making a Terrarium is a great way to show your kids just how important the environment and climate is to growth and life

#2 Growing Potatoes is a good way to teach your kids about the diversity of life, when you chit the potatoes (sitting them in day light) they will see the eyes begin to sprout prior to planting.  Try a 2 liter plastic bottle once the potatoes are ready to plant so that the little ones can continue to watch the process

#3 Growing in an Egg Shell is a great technique if you have a garden at home as it allows them the chance to plant the seed in a small confined area and care for the seedling.  Once the garden is ready they can get outside and add their new plant.

#4 Homemade Bird Feeders are a great family project for the garden as the birds will help protect the garden against pesky bugs all summer long

#5 Add a Theme into your garden can also peak interest in your little ones.  Set aside a small portion or row just for the kids and let them choose a theme to help foster a lesson in responsibility.  Here are a few theme ideas:

  • Pizza Garden plant ingredients such as tomato, basil and their favorite toppings
  • Rainbow Garden – Red Peppers, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Green Beans, Kale Eggplant are examples of plants that hit every color
  • Sensory Garden encompassing touch, taste, scent, sight and sound to engage all five senses

When it comes to gardening we always ensure the landscape of our Maine family resort is flowering native plants.  Our staff is always here making sure that your vacation to Maine will flower into memories that last a life time, here are a few examples of how they exceeded our guests expectations this week.

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