The Art of Floral Design from our Ogunquit Hotel: Tips From Maine on How to Style Flowers

Here in Ogunquit at our Maine Resort we pride ourselves in our seasonal décor, with Maine being known for its four beautiful seasons it’s no wonder why so many people visit us again and again.  Today we want to share with you some tips on how to unite the beauty of Spring Flowers and the artistic talent that has set Ogunquit Maine apart for almost 100 years.  Below are the Top 10 Tips from our favorite Ogunquit Florists at Calluna Fine Flowers & Gifts:

Basic design guidelines that will help you create a beautiful flower arrangement:

Things You Will Need:
Green Foliage
Fresh flowers in whites, yellows and pinks
Vase or container
warm water
Flower cutters
Ribbon (optional)

Top 10 Tips from our favorite Ogunquit Florists at Calluna Fine Flowers & Gift:

  1. Pick out your favorite Container or Vase.  Pour warm water in the clean container.
  2. Create a Foundation of greens/foliage. You want enough foliage to create a base for your flower stems but not too much to overwhelm the flowers themselves.
  3. Choose Colors that complement each other or that match the theme of the spring season.
  4. Choose a variety of different types of flowers to create Texture in the arrangement.
  5. When adding flowers to the arrangements start with a Focal Point. A large faced flower like a Peony or Lily would be nice.
  6. As you continue adding flowers keep in mind that odd numbers create Balance in a Design.  For instance instead of using 2 yellow roses use 3 and place them evenly throughout the arrangement.  Keep that rule of 3 in mind when adding textures and colors to your arrangement.
  7. Add Proportion -by rule, you want your arrangement to be 1 to 1.5 times the height of the container you’re using. Use your flower cutters to cut your stems to that measurement.
  8. Your flowers and foliage should be evenly spaced and dispersed on all sides the arrangement will be viewed.
  9. When the arrangement is finished you can choose to add a bow or embellishment that matches the colors or theme of the arrangement.
  10. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season’s flowers

Join us in Ogunquit, Maine to see for yourself why so many of our guests join us again and again each season of the year.  Below are a few example of how our staff in Ogunquit Maine ensure you’ll always enjoy your stay:

In the week leading up to his Romantic Maine Vacation our staff had the opportunity to get to know one of our guests very well.  He was planning a very special trip to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine where he intended upon proposing to his girlfriend.  Many members of our front desk team assisted him with recommendations for the best florist in the area, a gourmet cheese and wine basket from the Village Food Market and ensuring all items were arranged specially in the room for their arrival.  After a wonderful weekend the guest came down to the desk to checkout of course we inquired how his weekend was and we were thrilled to hear it was a success!  After offering them a Congratulations Lauren (our front desk agent) noticed his fiancé browsing the Ogunquit, Maine post cards – she offered one on us to ensure they always remembered this special trip to the most beautiful place by the sea!

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