More to Maine than Moose – Enjoying Maine Sea Animals by Motor Coach

When it comes to wildlife Maine is known for its lobsters along with its moose which is why so many groups joining our great state enjoy a lobster bake, moose safari and lobster boat tours.  And although Lobsters come from the sea, with almost 230 miles of beautiful coastline Maine’s sea animals are plenty and offer’s much more than the delicious crustacean the state is famous for.

So when you’re planning your next group adventure in Maine consider the hundreds of miles of coastline, the greatest tide ranges in the world and over 3,000 species of marine life, the Gulf of Maine Supports.

Here are our Top Five favorites for Maine Sea Animal Life (not including Maine Lobstah) and the Top Three Ways to experience them by Motor Coach.

Top Five Maine Sea Animals

1. Whales have an important role in the overall health of the marine environment and even after decades of protection more than half the species of whales are classified as endangered of vulnerable.  Whether you’re looking to fill up the days itinerary, provide education or offer an amazing experience to your guests – enjoying the Giants of the Ocean is sure to make you’re Maine Trip a success.

2. Dolphins never seem to lose interest in playing often they are seen blowing bubbles, balancing seaweed and chasing each other.  They are known for bow-riding (swimming along ships to conserve energy) so the chances of catching a glimpse of these playful creatures leaping out of the water is fairly good aboard a Maine vessel.

3. Harbor Seals can be seen enjoying the Rocky Maine Coast, late spring is considered the best time to enjoy watching harbor seals as they come ashore with their pups.  The mother seal will look after the pup for about three to four weeks and are generally seen in smaller groups.

4. Bluefin Tuna can commonly weigh 500 pounds and are one of the largest fish you’ll find in the Gulf of Maine.  With a body shaped like a torpedo these fish are known for their speed and have been known to reach speeds up to 100 mph although they generally swim at a little over 4 mph.  They are seen off shore while deep sea fishing or whale watching between June and September.

5. Porpoise are more often seen in the spring and fall in Maine, unlike the dolphin the harbor porpoise is shy and not inclined to approach boats.  Because they prefer the shallows (less than 500 ft) they can be seen from shoreline boat cruises or off the shores in harbors, bays or rivers.

Top Three Maine Sea Animal Experiences 

1. Whale Watching in Maine starts in mid April as the worlds largest living creatures make their way to our beautiful coastline to feast in Maine’s rich waters.  The season for whales in Maine lasts until October when they head south to warmer seas, in these seven months your group will experience  the displays of humpback, finback, minke, right whales and so many more species aboard a number of vessels.  As your group travels miles out to sea the chances are you’ll experience a lot more than just whales such as dolphins, tuna and porpoise.


2.  Maine State Aquarium is located on the water in West Boothbay Harbor Maine.  This educational facility is operated by the Maine Department of Marine Resources and open seasonally.  The aquarium features extraordinary lobsters up to 23 lbs and in various colors along with live sharks and skates in the touch tank, sea stars, sea urchins even sea cucumbers and scallops.  The Aquarium offers free passes to motor coach drivers and with rates as low as $5.00 per person it’s sure to fit into any group budget!

3.  Nubble Lighthouse Cruise aboard the Finest Kind in Perkins Cove Ogunquit is the perfect way to experience a bit of marine life without a full days commitment.  With this scenic tour your group will enjoy beautiful views along the rocky Maine coast including the most photographed light house in Maine and a chance to see harbor seals, the occasional dolphin before heading back to shore to enjoy the shops and cuisine of the most beautiful place by the sea.

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