Tips on Planning a Rustic Maine Wedding In Ogunquit at the Meadowmere Resort

Most people know Maine as Vacationland. However it is also a beautiful destination for a rustic wedding.

Recently, it was declared the Year of the Wild West Wedding according to the Knot. Think leather, wildflowers and even cowhide. Well, partners-to-be, that may be all fine and dandy for your inner cowboy and cowgirl. But what if packin’ up the ranch with bridesmaids just isn’t in the budget? And what if you’d like a rustic farm feel, but without tumbleweeds?

Howdy! Welcome to Southern Maine. Home of Rustic yet Refined (at least enough to wear white and have no worries on cow pies. Look it up if you need to.)

Meadowmere’s Tips on Planning a Rustic Maine Wedding In Ogunquit

Time to make your rustic wedding dream come true – complete with a ride into the sunset. Hi-Ho Silver! Here are some tips on how to plan a Wild West Wedding in Maine.

Wedding Venue: A place to kick up those heels – or kick them off.

Ahh, the romantic smell of Maine Pine and a farm setting. Consider such options as Clay Hill Farm and Josias River Farm (yes, there is a barn).  Both are minutes from your wedding block at the Meadowmere Resort. At Clay Hill Farm, a big red barn is steps from a dance floor and you are surrounded by Maine woods. But it’s still high heel friendly and ready for a few western touches such as banded napkin rings and craft beer.

And if you’d rather a more remote, quaint barn feel complete with goats, Josias River Farm is warm and friendly. You can design the décor with a catering company to have just the right amount of cowhide and lace.

Wedding Venue Want: Music – Country Music that is.

Jerks of Grass – The Jerks of Grass are Portland Maine bluegrass royalty, having been voted Portland’s best roots and acoustic act seven times. It’s high-energy and the four person band gathers around one mic to give you that real deal bluegrass feel.

Tricky Britches – These group is young and making waves in the Maine bluegrass scene.  Don’t let their age  scare your pony – the Tricky Britches are professionals all the way. A stompin’ good beat – and a darn tootin’ good price.

Wedding Beverages: Wet Your Whistle

We’re not recommending any bathtub gin or cowboy grain alcohol here. It is a day to remember after all. So saddle up to the bar with a copper tin cup and fill it with down home Maine Craft Beer from SOME brewers, Tributary  or Theory Brewing. All locally made.

Course a good cowboy – or girl – has something on hand that’s a little stiffer. Lasso up some Cold River Vodka and Gin or have that bluegrass playin’ while you enjoy some of Sweetgrass’s spirits. Maine may be East, but a thirst as big as the west can be fixed with Maine Made whistle wetters.

Wedding Want: A home near the range

Finally, you need a hotel that is close to the chuck wagon (that’s cowboy for where you ate) and stuff for all the little buckaroos to enjoy too. The Meadowmere Resort is cozy and comfortable and while we would ask that your leave your ponies at home, we’d certainly be happy to provide your wedding block in Ogunquit for when your guests are ready to take their boots off.

Our Ogunquit hotel is close to the venues mentioned – just in case some of your guests like the theme of wild west but would much prefer modern comforts for sleeping. And no need to cowboy shower in the morning.

And what about that ride off into the sunset? Take your pick – saddle up with Carousel Horse Farm or ride behind with Rockin’ Horse Stables.


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