Ogunquit Maine Family Activites : Explore & Enjoy the Creatures of the Sea

Family vacations to Ogunquit Maine are full of new experiences and learning.  Our hotel in Ogunqut is steps from the variety of sea animals that your family can explore on your family getaway to Maine.   Please remember to leave the animals where you find them – they will not survive in your home and much prefer to stay in Ogunquit.  Far better to take a picture to capture the amazing encounter!  Here are a few sea creatures for your family to find at the most beautiful place by the sea:

Ogunquit River & Ogunquit Beach

Sand Dollars range in size from about 1 ½ inches to 2 inches they come in a variety of colors such as green, purple, brown and gray.  They move with little suckers under the body and have spines all around the body that feel velvety they are generally found washed ashore along the beach.

Mussels have blueish black hinged shells with a flat oblong shape.  Normally they stick together and can each grow up to 3 inches long.  They have very long life spans and are generally found in rocky areas of the waters shore.

Dog Whelk is like a snail with a spiral shaped shell.  They are about 4 cm longs and use their shell to shield itself from sea predators.  They are fully formed from birth and are round around the rocks in shallow waters.

Green Crab can be found hiding under rocks and seaweed.  They have a green top shell with yellow and black and a yellow belly.  Be careful picking them up as their teeth are sharp.

Marginal Way Tidal Pools

Star Fish look just how you think – like a Star! Some can grow up to 3 feet long and come in a variety of colors such as purple orange and a creamy yellow.  They like to blend in and hide in the sea weed so keep your eyes peeled.

Hermit Crabs make their home in periwinkle or whelk shells as they grow they have to find new shells that fit right (kinda like your clothes).  They are a reddish brown color and look like a snail with a crab inside.

Sea Urchins are olive green and round with movable spines that grown out of their shell.  They have five rows of reddish purple feet and five triangular teeth for eating.   They are good at finding camouflage and often travel in groups.

Barnacles can be found all along the rocks they are gray round crustacean with a shell like covering and love to attach to rocks, boats and docks.  The barnacle eats with its feet when the tide comes in and once it finds a home on a rock or wherever it never comes off!

At our family hotel in Ogunquit Maine we are here to ensure your family is making memories every step of the way.  Here are a few ways our team did just that:

Hannah was checking a guest in at the front desk when she overheard their young toddlers say they wanted their own keys.  She gave them each a blank key to play with so the parents didn’t have to worry and the kids were happy as can be.

Liz was checking in a guest who had just had hip surgery, at check in the guest noted she forgot her ice pack.  Liz ensured extra grab bars were placed in the shower area as well as placed an ice pack in the freezer to ensure the guests comfort.

Whitney at our front desk was assisting a guests whose son had cut his foot.  After offering alcohol and band aids from the first aid kit Whitney walked to the store and purchased hydrogen peroxide to ensure the cut didn’t get infected allowing the mom and dad to focus on the boy.

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