Five Tips on Flying a Kite for Capriccio in Ogunquit

As the summer season begins to fade into fall Ogunquit has one more beach day celebration – perfect for one last Maine family vacation.  Each year patrons head to Ogunquit Beach for the Annual Capriccio Celebration to take in the views of the most beautiful beach in New England paired with the stunning sight of hundreds of kites dancing along the sky.  This year we bring you Five Tips to Fly a Kite on your Family vacation in Ogunquit Maine!

#1 Where to get a Kite? If you don’t have your own kite to bring along don’t worry at Crickets Corner in Ogunquit you’re sure to find the perfect match for your family

#2 Remember to Stand with your back to the wind and hold the kite in front of you

#3 Run along the miles of white sandy beach while allowing some of the string go as the kite soars in the sky (on a day where the wind is strong have a partner stand 50 feet away and launch the kite while you pull the string)

#4 Space, with a 7 miles stretch of beach your family should have plenty of space for kite flying but be sure you’re far enough away from others so the kites don’t tangle

#5 Have Fun after all you are in vacationland!

At our hotel in Ogunquit we’re here to ensure your Maine family vacation is full of fun, our staff is always ready to help here are a few of their stories from just this week:

Lanzel in our Pub was getting ready to head home for the day when a few guests stopped in hoping we could still cook up some dinner even though it was after hours.  They explained they were headed to the play shortly and hoped for a quick bit right on site.  Lanzel happily put on his apron and whipped up some delicious Meadowmere Burgers!

Liz at the front desk was assisting a guest with fun activities for families with teenagers.  At our Ogunquit Hotel there are so many fun ways to keep the whole family entertained.  As Liz was discussing the Paddleboarding Lessons offered at Ogunquit Beach the guest quickly chimed in stating that would be a perfect adventure!  Liz called LiquidDreams to book the activity.

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