Ogunquit Maine Lighthouse Challenge : The Best Lighthouses in Southern Maine

A trip to the coast of Maine would not be complete without a visit to one of our historic lighthouses.  Southern Maine is home to a few of our favorites and we’re curious to see if you can guess which ones they are.  Can you name these three lighthouses?

#1 This Maine lighthouse was built on an island and first lit July 1, 1879.  Its signal can range up to 13 nautical miles in clear weather and it’s one of the most photographed and visited lighthouses in all of American. Voyager II was sent to space with a picture of this stunning Maine lighthouse.

#2 In 1948 this small Maine lighthouse was built to hide a water treatment pump.  Today it’s seen by thousands of visitors a year as they stroll along Maine’s rocky coast to enjoy the breathtaking views.  With four webcams attached you can enjoy the views from this small lighthouse at home all year long.

#3 Commissioned by George Washington this Maine lighthouse holds plenty of history; it was first lit January 10, 1791 and is the states oldest Lighthouse.  Set adjacent what was formerly known as Fort Preble – a tremendous military asset protecting Maine’s largest city during World War II.

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