Columbus Day Celebration in Ogunquit : Hotel Packages, Shopping and Fall Fun in Maine

Columbus Day is considered by many a day to celebrate the discovery of the “New World”. The holiday goes by many names – in some regions it is known as Indigenous People’s Day, Native American Day and Day of the Race, honoring the many different cultural backgrounds of the Americas.  Guests visit the Meadowmere Resort for a fall escape during the long weekend and a time to capture moments in our quaint village. The name itself pays tribute to the Indigenous tribes that deemed the area “Ogunquit , in the Abenaki language “Most Beautiful Place by the Sea” .

The staff at our Ogunquit hotel is here every holiday to ensure your holiday vacation is special and an experience to remember.  Here are a few of their stories from just this week:

Hannah was assisting a returning guest who had difficulty making a phone call, she offered to call for the guest and once she got through to the other line transferred the call to the guests room.

Bryanna was cleaning a guest room when she noticed one of the bath towels laid out inside the tub, she went to laundry to retrieve a non-slip bath mat and placed it in the clean tub.  Later in the day the guest found Bryanna in the hallway and thanked her.

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