Fall in Maine : Things Mainers Do with Great Big Gaint Pumpkins

The fall season in Maine brings more than colorful leaves, it’s also a time for Maine Farm-mahs to show off their agricultural skills at a number of County Fairs throughout the state.  A favorite Maine event for any fair is the pumpkin weigh off.  Sure, our pumpkins might not grow quit as big as they do in Switzerland but we sure have fun.

In Lincoln County Maine they care more about the buoyancy than the weight of their Great Big Pumpkins. That’s right -its gotta float! How else are they gonna paddle around the lake in the fall?  Mainah’s (That’s Mainers for a flat lander) also have innovative approach to smashing pumpkins with the Pumpkin Drop and Pumpkin Hurl.

At the Meadowmere, we take a more hands off approach to seasonal gourd. You’ll find hundreds of pumpkins sprinkled the grounds of our hotel in Ogunquit including Great Big Pumpkins grown by New England farmers each year.  Stop on in and give us a guess on what they weigh!  We’re here each day to ensure your vacation is in good hands here are a few stories from our staff this week:

Noah was taking out the trash when he saw a guest wandering about the parking lot looking a bit lost.  He asked if there was anything he could help them with and they informed him they needed to get to the Main Lobby to check in.  He dropped what he was doing and walked them over to our friendly front desk staff.

Jake was heading to car after a long day at work when a guest inquired where they could get an additional laundry bag.  He went back in to get one and hand delivered it to their room.

A few guests stopped in during their fall Harley tour through New England and wanted to see some of our guest rooms, as Michelle was walking them around the hotel and showing them the available rooms she realized their only hesitation was with parking.  As the building they were most interested in was located on a slight hill she walked them to the alternate entrance to point out flatter parking spaces.  The guests were thrilled to have rooms close to their bikes and a flat safe parking spot for them as well!

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