5 Steps to Planning a Proper Family Vacation in Ogunquit, Maine

Yippy Skippy! Hip-Hip-Hooray!…Why all the celebration you ask? Well it’s time to plan a Maine vacation! Before long, the sounds of children and family laughing, splashing, and playing in the pool will be heard throughout the lobby at the Meadowmere Resort. But before we can start to relax and enjoy our getaway, we must all plan our vacation properly. This article will discuss the correct steps to planning a proper vacation in Ogunquit, Maine.

Step 1: Finding Ogunquit Accommodations for you

Finding the right accommodations to fit your needs can sometimes be quite precarious, especially when planning for the whole family and taking into account every ones wants and desires. The best way to ensure you find the best accommodations for everyone is to make a list of the #1 “must haves” for each person traveling.  Vacation Planners often times attempt to make their decision based on one thing only – the lowest price, the best view, an indoor pool ect., without considering what they might be missing out on. This can lead to higher overall vacation costs and even disappointment.  So cast a broader net consider each “must have” and look to accommodations that check off most of the list.  Choosing a hotel with more included with the room can save you money as you plan for activities and even dinning costs.

Step 2: Choose the Season best for you

In this phase, one should consider where they are traveling to.  Maine is the vacation state and full of amazing things to do and natural beauty.  All planners should consider the season or seasons you wish to experience Ogunquit Maine.  Winters are magical with the cozy warmth of a fireplace or a dip in the indoor pool.  Spring is beautiful as they flowers begin to bloom and the birds come out to sing a stroll through the Maine outdoors is just the thing, Summer are exciting with Beach Days and  BBQ’s, Falls are stunning with the autumn leaves and all the Harvest Decorations.  Also at this time, plan the activities you wish to experience Snowshoeing and Ice Skating, Hiking and Biking, Kayaking and Surfing, Apple Picking and Scenic Drives.  During this phase use the hotel staff as a resource for available activities for the season of your vacation.

Step 3: Find the right Restaurant

Set on the coast of Maine Ogunquit Village is packed full of seafood specialists, use the hotel staff as a resource for local favorite spots to ensure your getting a good value.  Choose local and sustainable dining options to ensure quality and freshness such as Clay Hill Farm, Jonathan’s, Frankie & Johnny’s to name a few.

Step 4: Plan to Experience the Culture of Ogunquit

Culture varies quite a bit from state to state even town to town. For Ogunquit, Maine the attraction has always been in the beauty with Ogunquit Beach and the Rocky Maine Coast many visitors forget to consider the culture.  Paired with the Natural Beauty of Ogunquit is a deep rooted history in the arts, visit local galleries and the heritage museum to learn more about Ogunquit’s beginning as an artist colony, the history to the shacks in Perkins Cove and the wooden drawbridge.  Take in a Play at the Ogunquit Playhouse and explore its history in American Theatre, peak at the long list of famous performers that have graced the stage over the years.  Or plan your vacation during an annual performance of favorites such as Sally Struthers at the Playhouse or Judy Collins at Jonathan’s Restaurant.

Step 5: Made in Maine Shopping

Most Vacation Planners are familiar with Maine’s more notorious stores and although you purchase Stonewall Kitchens Blueberry Jam and LL Bean merchandise online a visit to their flagship stores are sure to make an impact on your vacation to Maine.  Plan your trip around seasonal events focused on Maine Made items such as the Laudholm Farm’s Pumpkin Fiddle or Holiday Festival Craft shows or Maine Maple Sunday to enjoy Maine Made goods you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

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