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Customer service at our Ogunquit hotel is important. Over 5 years ago we launched our Gift of Service Program at the Meadowmere Resort. This program was designed to help teach employees, old and new, the value of personal connections with our guests, through the process of sharing the stories of connections with their peers. All employees at the Meadowmere Resort understand the importance of customer service at our Ogunquit hotel. And this program fosters a deeper and more personal connection between our staff and our guests allowing our moto of Family Serving Family to shine.

This week the Meadowmere Resort celebrated our Annual Christmas Party at Jonathan’s Restaurant, a wonderful evening of relaxation, delicious food and great company. The evening also allows us the opportunity to thank our team for their hard work and dedication over the past year. We share customer service stories at our Ogunquit hotel and each have a chance to vote on our favorite one. We honor the employees who went above and beyond for our guests and choose our favorite story of the year. The story with the most votes receives a mini vacation at a New England Inns and Resorts property – a chance to become a guest ourselves!  Our favorite stories that highlight customer service at our Ogunquit hotel from 2015 are below:

January ~ Hannah Front Office   A guest came to the desk to check out with Hannah.  She ranted and raved about how much she loves the place. As she was leaving she mentioned warming up her coffee and then proceeded to walk further into the lobby. Hannah realized she was looking for a microwave and when she turned around to leave she offered to warm the coffee up for her. The guest expressed how thankful she was and left with a smile and hot coffee.

February ~ Hannah Front Office  Hannah noticed the arrival for 508 had never stayed here before. Seeing that she was from York she upgraded her to a Luxury Suite so she could see what quality rooms we have to offer. This way the guest will be more likely to recommend us to family and friends who come to Maine to visit her!

March ~ Hannah Front Office      An elderly woman who will be staying with us for the first time in 25 years, called Monday to make a reservation. She said she received a birthday coupon via email for her third night free but she does not have a printer. Hannah had her forward the email to us and she printed out her coupon to save until her arrival date next month.   The guest was very happy.

April ~ Michelle Front Office    A guest had to send a fax for her daughter’s medical records.   Michelle told her of the charge and she declined and inquired about another place that would send a fax for her. Michelle offered her this service and complimentary sent the fax so the guests stay was not interrupted.

May ~ Michelle Front Office  A guest had a belly ache and asked about where to get Alka-Seltzer.   Michelle stated it is a 10 minute walk but if she could wait 30 minutes she would run down for her. She was very grateful for the offer.

June ~ Jodi Housekeeping  When Jodi was leaving, she was walking by room 805 as they were bringing their stuff in. They asked her for help since they brought gallons of water and because of the way their fridge is the shelves can’t be pulled out. She went to the pub to see if they had a pitcher that would fit but it happened to be too wide.   She asked maintenance for a small fridge to add to their room.   And the guests were extremely happy for the help!

July ~ Ethan Maintenance  Ethan was painting next to the game room. A little girl won a toy in the claw machine but it wouldn’t come out.   Ethan came to the office to see if we had a key, but we don’t. He took a shovel and pail from the office closet and brought it to the little girl. She was thrilled!

August ~ Lauren Front Office  Lauren noticed a visitor in the parking lot during our busy season.  She left a trail of bread crumbs to the Josiah River Park next store for the duck to follow and to ensure our guests could get in and out of the parking lot.

September ~ Liz Front Office    Liz used her service allowance to purchase Ginger Ale and Saltines for a guest who had an upset stomach and had to stay behind from the rest of her group. She hand-delivered the items to the room with a “get well soon” note!

October ~ Michelle Front Office Michelle checked in a guest who was joining us for the first time.   She gave them a tour of the hotel amenities and showed them to their room!

November ~ Katelyn Housekeeping as Katelyn was cleaning a guest room she noticed a bottle of wine on the counter.  She grabbed a couple of wine glasses from the pub along with a Meadowmere corkscrew and placed them in the room so the guests could enjoy!

Check back next year for our Story of the Year Winner for 2015.  We hope you can come join us in 2016 and experience our gift of service!

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