4 Things that will Determine Your Environmental Impact on Your Ogunquit Vacation this Year

If environmental awareness is important to you consider the impact your next vacation will have. There are a lot of important fact finding questions that you should be aware of, like what is the best way to get there? Which businesses care about the environment as much as I do? Where will I find local and sustainable goods? Below are the factors that will come into play when determining how big your Environmental Impact will be on your vacation this year.

Distance of Travel

As a vacation requires travel. At the very foundation of your trip, it’s important to consider the varying environmental impact of travel depending on the distance and the mode of transportation you choose to get there. Located on the southern coast of Maine Ogunquit features natural beauty, numerous restaurants and unique shops set along the charming seaside village. Traveling to Ogunquit is simple and swift just an hour north of Boston, MA and 20 minutes from Portsmouth, NH. Reducing the distance you travel is the most effortless way to reduce your environmental impact. Choosing the mode of transportation is also pretty seamless with the Amtrak Train just a few miles north, C&J Bus Lines offering direct trips from New York City to Ogunquit also consider car pooling with family and friends and enjoy a vacation together.

Where you Stay

There are several types of accommodations to choose for your vacation. Most people find a hotel with AAA three diamond rating offers the standards of cleanliness and service we all expect at a great value. We feel that affordable luxury is what every traveler deserves with our 100 point inspection for hotel cleanliness and our motto is family serving family. Our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine ensures your expectations are exceeded around each corner. As Ogunquit’s first environmental leading hotel the Meadowmere Resort reduces it’s environmental impact with Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water, Non Chlorine Pools, Recycling Program including guest amenities and soaps and more! We leave no stone unturned in reducing our environmental impact.

Where you Eat

There are a lot of dining options on the market today, and prices vary greatly. You will need to keep in mind that price for any meal is dictated by quality. When traveling to Maine consider restaurants that feature farm to table and locally sourced dining. Our top picks below combine eco awareness with culinary expertise at a very good value.

Clay Hill Farm

Frankie & Johnny’s

Jonathan’s Restaurant

 Joshua’s Restaurant

What you Do

Your environmental impact as well as your budget is greatly dictated by the type activities you choose while on vacation. In Ogunquit, Maine our most popular is the Marginal Way Footpath a mile and a half stroll along Maine’s Rocky Coast leading from Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove and Ogunquit’s fishing harbor. Usually people will spend an entire day just taking in the ocean air and the breathtaking views on their way to soak up the sun on the miles of white sand or grab a bite to eat in an ocean front shanty in Perkins Cove. Activities focused on the environment and natural beauty cost much less than a movie or a visit to a local amusement park, you can expect for the majority of environmental activities to be free of charge or cost just a minimal donation to support the natural conservation or educational programs.

So there are the 4 Things that will Determine your Environmental Impact on Your Ogunquit Vacation this year.

If you do a vacation to Ogunquit Maine, with an overnight stay, dinner out a farm to table restaurant and spend the day taking in Maine’s natural beauty you can expect to pay between $100 and $400. It all depends on what you do and the time of year you get away. The above pricing is not based on our pricing, it is a guideline on what you can expect to encounter in your eco vacation research. Our pricing is not the cheapest nor is it the most expensive; it is the best price we can give for the service that we provide. Good Luck with the planning and have a great time on your vacation this year.

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