Seasonal Savings and Maine Vacations: Is Fall,Winter or Spring the Best time to Save on a Vacation to Ogunquit?

During this time of year, one of the questions we most often hear from customers is: “When is the best time to book an Ogunquit, Maine vacation and get the best deal, Fall, Winter or Spring?”

Well the answer to this question, at least in most cases, is relatively simple. Also, with the economy in the state that it currently resides, the question is even more poignant than normal. The following is a case for each:

Advantages to Fall or Winter Vacation in Ogunquit, Maine:

  1. Lowest Price: For a hotel and restaurant owner in Ogunquit, the months of cold weather can be quite daunting, especially knowing that even though the number of vacationers might slow down, the bills never do. This is why pricing is almost always lower during the fall and winter time periods.
  2. Cost of Good Increases: With each New Year comes the annual ‘cost of goods’ increase from suppliers. For example the prices we paid our room linens and amenities, ect.  goes up every year.  Which is another reason why the Fall/Winter will likely be a much better time to save money on your vacation than the spring will be.  With inflation I expect cost of goods to once again shoot up and along with them, vacation prices.
  3. Scenery: September through December are great times to vacation in Ogunquit and take in the scenery of the most beautiful place by the sea.  Because of the natural foliage and holiday season small villages like Ogunquit are bursting with beautiful decorations and seasonal events.

Advantages to a Spring Vacation in Ogunquit, Maine:

  1. Some Savings: Although prices are not as good as they were 4-6 months previous, one can usually find some excellent deals on Ogunquit, Maine vacations in the spring, especially during the Feb/March time frame.
  2. More To Do:Frankly, this is the biggest advantage I can honestly think of when debating over whether to have a Fall/Winter vacation versus a spring vacation in Ogunquit, Maine. For some consumers, the thought of vacationing in an area where some shops and restaurants are seasonal and options may be limited makes a winter vacation hard to swallow. For others, the money saved with suitable year round options for shopping and dining is well worth it.
  3. Charity and Taxes:   In Ogunquit, Maine Spring is a time for sharing.  Planning a vacation alongside special offers such as Marginal Way Stays and Hospitality for Habitat can combine special savings with a charitable donation which can be used as a tax write-off at the end of the year.

But for all of you who are contemplating a Maine Vacation in these difficult economic times our hotel can make you one promise:

Your risk will be rewarded with a ton of fun and relaxation.

Good luck with your decision and as always, happy travels!!

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