The Best Ogunquit Restaurants for Food and Ambiance : Suggestions for the upcoming Year

In the past, we at the Meadowmere Resort have taken the time to recognize the different advances and developments in Maine’s Culinary Arts over the years.  So as a new year is now here, we felt it time to discuss the best Ogunquit Restaurants we’re seeing in terms of food and ambiance. Also, as a side note, this article is not about the quality of the included restaurants, but rather our opinions on their offerings to our guests. Here goes:

Best Ogunquit Restaurants 

Best of both worlds Ocean to the Woods:

Clay Hill Farm

Some really nice restaurants have come out in Ogunquit over the past few decades but one of the best is Clay Hill Farm. Why you ask? Well, the foremost reason to give Clay Hill Farm credit is the fact that it’s one of the most unique restaurants in the area, with an 11 acre wildlife refuge and bird sanctuary.   Combine that with a classic setting and modern cuisine, Clay Hill Farm deserves mention here.

Best Romantic Restaurant:

MC Perkins Cove

Many restaurants in Ogunquit Maine could be mentioned for their romantic ambiance, but one restaurant that has done a nice job is MC Perkins Cove, with their gourmet food, exceptional service, and ocean views their sure to take your breath away.

Best Family Restaurant:

Jonathan’s Restaurant

When it comes to looking for a restaurants where you and your kids can enjoy great service and great food, there are many Maine Restaurants that deserve mention and could easily make a large family happy during their vacation. That being said, the one that may offer the best experience is Jonathan’s Restaurant.  With a 600 gallon fish tank in the main dining room and countless statue’s throughout their gardens the kids are sure to stay entertained.

Best in Creativity:


Just about every restaurant in Ogunquit has a creative and unique twist to night out, but one that always seems to stand out from the crowd is Corner Stone. Unlike most “standard” menu designs, Corner Stone thrives on pushing the limit with their artisan pizza’s from Spam and Fluffernutter to the deconstructed lobster roll you’re sure to find extra creativity with this unique spot.

Best Classic Maine:

Barnacle Billy’s

Whether you’re looking for a classy feel or a casual setting to enjoy your fresh Maine Lobster, Barnacle Billy’s in Perkins Cove Ogunquit offers restaurants that would likely make you pretty happy. The first is Barnacle Billy’s, which is a classic casual restaurant with a lobster tank, order window and views of the lobster boats.  If you’re looking for something similar but full service right next store Barnacle Bily’s Ect. is a great option.

As we stated earlier, because the culinary arts in Maine has grown so much over the years there are many more categories we could discuss here. If you have any questions or comments about restaurants in Ogunquit, don’t hesitate to contact us directly or leave a comment below.

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