Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit : Caring for Maine at our Eco-Friendly Hotel

At our Eco-Friendly Hotel in Ogunquit, Maine adapting with the seasons is just what we do from heating to lighting even the way we do the laundry.  The seasonality of New England and the tourist industry in Ogunquit can sometimes be tricky to keep up with which is why we’ve cherished our Cold Water Laundry system for almost a decade.

With the sun’s rays producing loads of solar hot water in the summer months there’s no need for us to worry about our laundries energy consumption.  Yet as the season turns a bit chillier and heads toward freezing and beyond the prospect of producing a quality, clean product for our guests with a limited environmental impact has proven the right fit at the Meadowmere Resort.

As your planning your next getaway to the most beautiful place by the sea think of us and all the ways we work to ensure the natural beauty of Ogunquit will be here for your family for generations.  Here are a few stories from our team:

With winter storms comes a unique time of year to getaway and relax in Ogunquit.   This past storm Trisha was walking through the halls when she heard a car stuck in the snow in the parking lot, she grabbed a shovel, dug out the tires and offered a push to get the guest going and on their way.

Liz was at the front desk when she received a call from a guest who had rolled their ankle.  Liz had crutches delivered to the room along with and ice pack and directions to the urgent care if needed.

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