Should I Take a Maine Vacation in Today’s Economy?

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, our list of the top hotels in Ogunquit, Maine has something for everyone. Explore our recommendations and start planning your trip today!

The question is, should I plan a vacation in Maine when I am not sure of what the economy is going to do?

The answer to that question solely rests with you. You are the one that knows your financial situation, how stable is your job, if you have a savings account to fall back on in hard times, and how well you manage your money. If you have a job that is in a stable field such as law enforcement, doctor, nurse, dentist, dental hygienist, and other areas where economy does not affect you, then you should not have to worry about the economy so much. As far as 401ks go, and the stock market, they should be looked at as long term investments, so the fact that they are down now, 5 years from now they will most likely be back where they should be.

For most of the team here, we have found that when we buy something, we find a way to pay for it. If one of us  couldn’t pay for it, then it would reflect in credit scores and one would not be able to finance anything anyway. With so many people being concerned about finances day to day, it is hard to put aside money for a vacation, but not impossible. We still have people vacationing in Ogunquit, Maine because of the great value. Most are just more conscious of their budgets than they use too be.

And a big reason for taking that Maine vacation is to invest in yourself. With yoga and meditation awareness spreading across the country, there is the realization that a stress free and happier life is achievable. Guests are striving to enjoy their lives inside and out. More people are staying within the United States instead of traveling abroad, and even those that have a life balancing practice daily recognize that taking a break and planning a vacation is important to de-stress and rejuvenate.

In fact, the whole family can put their feet up. The kids will be entertained with the Beach, Marginal Way, Lobster excursion and other attractions in Ogunquit.  At our hotel in Ogunquit your family can watch a movie, swim in the pools, play in the arcade and walk to all Ogunquit has to offer.  Plus getting away is a great opportunity to make new friends you may have never met otherwise. Vacations in Ogunquit, Maine are available year round with each season providing the best of Mother Nature in New England.  Most of our customers are plan a Maine vacation for 5 times a year. Maybe not a weeks’ vacation all those months, but a night or two in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter allows them to get away and just enjoy a stay at the Meadowmere Resort.

The economy has brought a lot of stress to us and a vacation in Maine can help relieve some of that stress. So yes, planning a Maine vacation in a down economy can be good with the right circumstances.  One other thing to remember is that long distance vacations have been getting more and more expensive.  With flights, car rentals, passports and exchanges rates there’s a lot to consider and each has an effect on your budget and it all adds up to a lot higher cost on planning a vacation. So choosing a destination you can drive to will add value to your vacation plans and allow you to experience more in Maine!  So is now the time to plan your Maine Vacation?? if you budget it out, we think so!


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