City Trips vs. Seaside Village Group Vacation : How to Pick the Best Maine Destination for your tour group

The fact that you’ve found this article means you are probably well into the process of finding the right stops for your New England Motor Coach Tour

Maybe you have already decided that visiting Maine is the way to go, and possibly stopping into at least one of Maine’s seaside villages is best for your group tour….now it’s just a matter of finding the spot to lay your head that best meets your group needs.

If this is the case, you’re in luck because today we’re going to compare two popular destinations in Maine:  The City of Portland and The Seaside Village of Ogunquit.   You’re probably wondering how, as a hotel, we can possibly give an unbiased comparison.  The truth is that we can’t.

We are very passionate about what we do and we love our hotel…heck, that’s the way it should be!

Notwithstanding, we can provide you with straight information about the two locals and explain why we design your group tours the way we do….then let you decide.  Sound fair?  Great, let’s get started!

First we’re going to discuss what Portland and Ogunquit have in common, and then we’ll cover the differences between the two locations.

Common Features

Both locations are in Southern Maine with views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Both feature a wide selection of top notch restaurants, unique shops and fun activities.

Differences Between Portland and Ogunquit

Location & Proximity to Key Areas:

In designing your Group Tour of Maine it’s important to keep in mind the variety of key area’s your looking to visit.  Below is a summary of the distance to popular destinations traveling from Portland vs. Ogunquit, Maine.

Portland                                              Ogunquit

Cape Cod, MA                                   3 Or More Hours                              2 Or More Hours

Boston, MA                                     Just under  2 Hours                              Just over 1 Hour

North Conway, NH                          More Than 1 Hour                           Just over 1 Hour

Portsmouth, NH                               More Than 1 Hour                           30 minutes

Kittery, ME                                         More Than 1 Hour                           20 minutes

Kennebunkport, ME                       Just under 1 Hour                              20 minutes

Freeport, ME                                    Just under 1 Hour                              Just 1 Hour

Boothbay Harbor, ME                    Just about 2 Hour                           Just about 2 Hour, 30 minutes

Bar Harbor, ME                                 3 Or More Hours                              3 Or More Hours


Both the city of Portland, Maine and the Village of Ogunquit, Maine hold a lot of charm.  Portland’s Old Port District boasts cobble stone streets with notable shops and restaurants set along the waters of Casco Bay.  Watch as the cruise ships and fishing boats come in or soak up the rich history as your group explores historic landmarks such as the Wadsworth-Longfellow House and Victorian Mansion.

The Village of Ogunquit takes you back to a time before chain stores and franchises took the place of the local candy store and ma & pop markets.  With three areas to highlight your group can easily spend the day exploring the village and the beach before heading to the cove.  With Marginal Way foot path connecting the two your group will experience the views of Maine’s Rocky Coast that inspired Ogunquit’s history as an artist colony.  The shops along Perkins Cove still set in the artist shacks of the past and you can watch as the small fishing boats enter an exist through the beautiful wooden drawbridge.


Customer Service and the Quality of Hotel Room your guests receive during your Maine Motor Coach Tour is of utmost importance.  And many travelers and tour planners have already established a preference between brand vs. independent hotels .   Brand hotels certainly have their level of quality and service standards and it can be comforting to know that regardless of where you are traveling to, you know what to expect from your favorite hotel brand.  For the Meadowmere Resort we’re proud to be an independent family owned and operated hotel in Ogunquit.  It’s because of this that our staff easily accepts our motto of family serving family on all levels of quality and service throughout our resort.  We can easily promise that from the time you inquire about our hotel in Ogunquit to the time your group departs you will have our full and personal attention and support in planning your New England Motor Coach Tour.

Well, there you have it.  A comparison of the city of Portland and the Seaside village of Ogunquit.  We hope you’ve found this informative and if you’re interested in learning more about a group tour in Ogunquit Maine, please check out our Planning a Group Tour.


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