How to Find the Perfect Hotel for your Future Vacation: 5 Valuable Maine Travel Tips!

At the Meadowmere, we receive calls on a daily basis from folks who are in the process of looking for the perfect hotel for their upcoming vacation.  They all want to know the same thing: “What should I look for in a property where I can find the vacation of my dreams?”  That’s a great question, and we just happen to have some great tips so let’s dive right in!

Here are 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Hotel for your Future Vacation:

#1:  Compare Rates

The biggest factor that impacts the vacation planning is cost.  Why?  One word: Budget.  Vacations can be expensive, there’s no getting around that.  It’s not uncommon for our clients to check hotel pricing on discount travel website.  A word of caution be sure you read the terms and always compare the rates with the hotel directly to ensure you’re getting the best customer service and the best price for your upcoming vacation.

 #2:  Be Flexible with dates

Depending upon when you’re looking to travel and how far in advance you are booking you may need to be flexible with your dates.  A bit of flexibility can go a long way, if you’re planning a romantic vacation to Maine or a family vacation in Ogunquit the ability to shift your dates could mean better accommodations and a better value.  We can certainly work with you to discuss preferences and make recommendations to ensure you’re vacation in Ogunquit is perfect!

 #3:  Check the specials

Most hotels offer specials which can be found on their website under packages and specials or promotions. Information on promotions can also be provided by calling the hotel directly.  Since Promotions are typically available closer to the dates of the reservation or during slow periods check these regularly as well as being flexible with your dates will prove to be beneficial when planning your vacation.

#4:  Stay often

Within our Guest Appreciation program travelers that stay often with our hotel using directly booked reservations receive regular promotions and special discounts for their vacations in Ogunquit Maine.  On a number of weekends a year guests qualifying for the guest appreciation program at the Meadowmere also receive discounts to other Ogunquit vendors from Spa to Dinning – It’s always nice to save!

#5:  Become a Fan

Social Media is a great way to keep up with changes, improvements and specials for your vacation.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or simply sign up for our Newsletter to stay current with all Meadowmere Promotions and news from Ogunquit, Maine!

Looking for the best hotels in Ogunquit, Maine? Our expert guide has got you covered. We’ve scoured the area to find the most comfortable, convenient, and stylish accommodations in town.

Well, there you have it!  Five tips for finding the perfect hotel for your future vacation. We hope this helps you on your journey to making your vacation dreams a reality!  Please feel free to share any comments or questions below.

Thanks and Good Luck!


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