Planning an Intimate Wedding in Ogunquit Maine : Small Gathering Venues in Southern Maine

Every bride and groom knows that the wedding day is all about celebrating the joy of being together and sharing that joy with friends and family.

Of course, that last part is where a lot of stress and money goes: Who to invite? How many? The venue costs what???

Maybe you both fell in love in a special spot and that spot only hold 50 persons. Maximum. That’s okay – it isn’t about being instagram perfect. It is your day. And you are in luck – Intimate weddings are surging in popularity for the charm, budget and special atmosphere to a cozy gathering.  Even better, our hotel in Ogunquit is surrounded by these special small venues.

Best Places to Plan an Intimate Wedding in Southern Maine

Time to make your wedding dream come true. Here are tips on great small wedding venues in Ogunquit Maine.

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Wedding Ceremony Want: Water

Ocean view ceremonies can bring big price tags even for little gatherings. Have no fear, there are options.

If rolling waves is the back drop for your perfect day but your budget is drowning, consider such options as the Marginal Way, the Ellis Park Short Sands Gazebo and Hope Hobbs Gazebo for your ceremony. All have the ability to see the water, allowing for the ocean to be the back drop to you ‘I do’s’. Just remember these options are town parks and paths. That means curious onlookers and well-wishers. Which it can be fun to have complete strangers clapping and cheering for you – A small trade to have these spectacular ocean views. And sometimes just a few hundred dollars and a little time with administrative forms is all you need.

Wedding Venue Want: Woods

Sure the smell of Maine Pine is romantic, but you don’t want to chop a clearing to gather.

If the romantic Maine woods sounds perfect but you don’t want to head too far north or go too rustic, consider such options as Clay Hill Farm and Jonathan’s. With the option to enjoy the fairy gardens and nature paths balanced with lawn and cuisine, Clay Hill Farm offers Maine woods, high heel friendly. And at Jonathan’s, you’ll have your choice of the Ogunquit Heritage Museum park with dappling light or the Josias River Park with flowing brook (flats, no heels for this one).

Wedding Venue Want: Lobster

Maine means lobster. And dipping butter. Way more delicious than smashing cake.

If the lure of a wedding in Maine is lobster, but you have visions of Aunt Sue covered in butter, have no fear. Mainers have cleaned up the lobster experience a bit.  With fresh farm to table food, craft beer, local wineries, you can personalize your menu and impress your taste buds. Harvest and Plate Catering in Ogunquit is a wonderful option with Chef Trip . Whether a private homes, special farmhouse or our cozy pub, you’ve got space to make your intimate gathering yummy too.

Wedding Venue Want: Out to Sea

For when you really want to limit who sets sail.

If your vision of saying I do involves as few witnesses as possible, your ship has come in. Literally. From the romantic Silver Lining Sailboat to the down Maine Finestkind Lobster cruiser, you can sail away with only the closest of friends and family to create an amazing wedding day.

Finally, you need a hotel that is open and central to your Southern Maine wedding venue with easy access to a well maintained road. And you want to give your guests a place to be cozy and comfortable so you can convince your family, your friends – whoever you have in mind for this Maine celebration – to travel to Vacationland.

Meadowmere is close to all the venues mentioned and allows for direct access to Route 1. The hotel also is easily accessible for bus, limo and trolley transportation.  Finally, your guests have three airports, Amtrak, coach bus and car as options to reach Ogunquit. Wedding services and  blocks in Southern Maine are available year round.

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