Splash into Ogunquit Maine – Meadowmere Resort’s Outdoor Pool

Every now and then at the Meadowmere Resort, we like to take a step back from the day to day operations of the hotel and look around from the guest’s perspective.  Whether it’s security, carpets, mattresses, furniture (list goes on and on) or tearing down and building a new pool as we did a few years back, we are always looking to improve.

For decades the Meadowmere Resort offered our guests a wonderful triangle pool just steps from the West Meadow Pub.  But as we grew and added the South Meadow Building and the Country Squire we realized that the old pool that had served our guests so well just wasn’t cutting it any more.  After months and months of meetings with the architect, town officials, vendors and contractors, a plan began to formulate. We sifted through samples to find the perfect furniture, flooring, pool shape – you name it. All the planning and scheduling finally came together. When we re-opened the outdoor pool, the reaction we received from our guests was just astonishing. Proof that attention to detail makes a difference. We hope you can come see for yourself!

Our staff is committed to providing quality Maine Vacation’s with state of the art amenities and personal attention to cleanliness and service the Meadowmere Resort has it all.  Here are a few stories from our family to yours:

  • Our maintenance team is always hopping all over the property to keep it in tip top shape. Ethan was coming across the parking lot area when movement caught his eye. An elderly guest was crossing the lot and something had fallen out of her purse. As Ethan got closer, he realized that what had fallen was quite a bit of cash. He brought it to the desk team to place in the safe while he went to find her among the amenities. When he did, she was shocked to find the money missing and thrilled to have it returned!
  • A wonderful part of hospitality is the many new faces we meet. Whitney welcomed a new guest to the hotel and noticed she just did not seem present. Taking her time, Whitney discovered that the guest had to unexpectedly put her pet cat to sleep before heading on her weekend getaway. Before heading into work the next day, Whitney stopped to pick up a pet sympathy card and had this delivered with chocolates and a note hoping she was doing okay for the weekend.
  • The West Meadow Pub is a relaxed and fun spot to enjoy – especially for live music Saturday nights. Richard was helping the many guests enjoying the lounge when he noticed that a credit card was on the floor. He quickly retrieved it and recognized that guest name. Knowing how awful it would be to discover the card was missing – not to mention how such a problem can derail a vacation, Richard quickly went to work match his charges to the card name. He was able to contact the guest, ask them to check for their card and then happily report that he had found it for them. They were thrilled with the service.
  • Sometimes guests ask for easy things – like more soap or towels. Sometimes guests put us to work. Liz had once such request. A guest wanted to visit but it was important to her to have a room with the “best view of the moon” when she stayed. Well, this is a bit tricky – the moon changes. Liz googled the moon phases, orientated the moon to the hotel map and then found the best room with a balcony to see the view. So when this guest join us, it really was a marvelous night for a moon dance!

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