Autumn in Ogunquit

Autumn is a magical time in Maine. From Fall foliage tours to Fall festivals, Maine has an adventure for everyone. One of the best towns to experience Fall in Maine is Ogunquit. Visiting this magical seaside town is always a great idea especially during this colorful time of the year.

Ogunquit boasts a remarkable blend of culture, relaxation, and adventure, making it a fascinating destination to visit throughout the autumnal months. While noted for several things, including the annual Ogunquitfest festival, this article will look at some of the other exciting outdoor activities, indoor attractions, food, and events Ogunquit has to offer throughout the fall season.

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Here are some great things to do in Ogunquit during the autumn

1. The Marginal Way

Ogunquit is famous for many amazing things, and the historical Marginal Way is at the top of that list. If you are looking for breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean, listening to waves crash upon the rocks, and taking in sea fresh air, The Marginal Way Cliff Walk is a must. Picture yourself walking through the one-and-a-half-mile trail, complete with benches to take in the views, and ending in Perkins Cove, just in time to enjoy the sunset. One thing that makes the Marginal way unique is the pavements. These pavements make it more accessible to hikers of different abilities. 

2. Experience the renowned Ogunquitfest

As one of the most notable events in Ogunquit, Ogunquitfest happens in the autumn on the third weekend of October. Ogunquitfest is filled with activities for the young and old, ghost tours, costumes, and many more unique experiences one can only find at Ogunquitfest.

3. Hit the Beach

While the air may be crisp and the ocean waters cool, taking advantage of the beach this time of year should be at the top of your list. When you hit the beach, don’t just enjoy the sands, mix up your day by kayaking, surfing, flying a kite, or even building a sandcastle.You can enjoy all your favorite beach activities just with an extra layer of clothing.

4. Treat yourself to a captivating show at the Ogunquit Playhouse.

If you visit the Ogunquit Playhouse be prepared to experience a show comparable to  Broadway. As one of the country’s most popular regional theaters it attracts top productions and talent from all over the US. Productions run from May – October.

5.  Go sightseeing

Autumn in Ogunquit, Maine, brings a lot of beautiful sights that are perfect for a morning or evening stroll. If you are into photography, you’ll not want to miss this. Here are some of the ecstatic sights that autumn brings you in Ogunquit.

  1. The sight of a beautiful sunrise: In Ogunquit, Maine, during October, the sunrise occurs around 7 AM. Get ready to see the multi-colored sky of the morning sun this autumn.
  2. Chimney smoke: In a world that has become so computerized, it is beautiful to see a cloud of pure white smoke streaming out of Maine cottages.
  3. Absorb the peace that comes with the colorful falling leaves: Another pleasing sight is the colorful mix of falling leaves; gold, green, yellow, red, orange hues fill the forest, boosting a rainbow of color.


6.York Harvest Fest

10 minutes south of Ogunquit is a town called York which hosts York Harvestfest. This southern Maine celebration takes place in October in the heart of the town. York Harvestfest is distinguished by live music, wagon rides, and other family friendly activities. 

7. Dining Out

In terms of cuisine, Oguniqiit is widely recognized for the best lobster dishes. Restaurants in town serve a range of delectable lobster creations. As a result, fall is a terrific time of year to get your hands on any of these seafood marvels and be able to take your time to enjoy them.

* Meadowmere Resort is conveniently located near several of Ogunquit’s most fantastic restaurants.


8. American Art Gallery

If you want to add some culture to your journey, the American Art Gallery is the place to go. It is fully stocked with collections from the 18th and 19th centuries. Take a trip down memory lane and see the world through someone else’s eyes. As Maine’s oldest museum it is sure to delight anyone of any age.  

9. Relax at any of the Nature Parks

Ogunquit nature parks are full of relaxing elements such as different types of trees and plants, wildlife, and (if you are looking for a break) peace and quiet. Spending time in nature during the autumn season can boost memory and minimize the effects of stress hormones and anxiety. Some of the parks around Ogunquit include:

  • Hilton-Winn Preserve
  • Beach Plum Farm
  • Josias River Park

 10. Fall For Ogunquit

Each year Ogunquit hosts a variety of activities and each year brings a new version of Fall for Ogunquit. It ranges from scavenger hunts to bingo. This is a great activity for families or groups of friends. Ogunquit is a lovely town with enough to do all year.

Autumnal Fun in Ogunquit, Maine:

As you can see there are many fun activities for all budgets in Ogunquit. Here are a few essential tips to save money during your visit:

  • Take advantage of one of the excellent accommodations options available at Meadowmere Resort 
  • Eat at any of the nearby local restaurants
  • Take advantage of free activities. There are plenty of things to do in Ogunquit that won’t cost you a dime

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