Best Outdoor Activities In Ogunquit

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best guide to Ogunquit, Maine’s most thrilling outdoor activities. There is something for everyone in this beautiful town in southern Maine. No matter what season you visit, autumn, winter, spring, or summer, you will have an unforgettable experience. This article will show you some of the top outdoor things you can do in Ogunquit to have a fun day out.

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Here are ten fun outdoor activities on the Southern Coast

1. Grab some sun at Ogunquit Beach

There is nothing more relaxing than catching some sun at Ogunquit beach. Ogunquit beach is known for its long sandy beach, beautiful blue water, and even kite flying. Plan to take a full day here to relax and fully enjoy all the beach has to offer. 

Here are some health benefits of going to the beach: 

  • It reduces depression 
  • Sunbathing boosts the immune system 
  • Sunbathing also helps you to sleep better 

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this weekend, book your stay at Meadowmere Resort, and don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. 

Other beaches nearby:

  • Moodys Beach 
  • Footbridge Beach

2. Live music performances at the Ogunquit Playhouse

Visit The Ogunquit Playhouse to enjoy a live musical performance. Since 1933, this historic theater has thrilled guests and continues to produce high-quality live shows.  You never know who you might see here but it is definitely worth a stop as it is one of the town’s most popular attractions. 

3. Take a stroll at Beach Plum Farm

Do you want to view the ruins of an ancient New England saltwater farm and a range of natural landscapes and wildlife habitats? Beach Plum Farm is the place to go. Joe Littlefield donated it in remembrance of his uncle, Roby Littlefield. On 22 acres, it is the last remaining saltwater farm in Ogunquit. There is plenty of room to explore, with birds chirping to you. You can stroll the loops and go around the farms and gardens. This is the only place in Southern Maine where you can still see the dunes and the ocean. There are plenty of beach plums and bayberries on the farm.

4. Take an early morning boat ride

A morning boat ride is not only relaxing, but it is also a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience. A crisp cool morning breeze, waves rolling on the shore, a cup of hot coffee, and sea life waking up for the day. It definitely sets the bar high for unique outdoor activities in southern Maine. There are many places to hire a boat, as well as some firms that offer boat tours and cruises, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. It could also be an excellent time to catch some fish if you’re game.

5. Go out to lunch at a local restaurant

One of the many benefits of staying at Meadowmere is the proximity to the top restaurants in Ogunquit. You can treat yourself to a local meal you’ve probably never had before at one of these fantastic Ogunquit restaurants. 

Some of the most famous Ogunquit Maine restaurants:

  • Lobster Shack
  • Cornerstone
  • Barnacle Billy’s
  • CREW Ogunquit

6.  Take your dog to the Ogunquit Dog Park

Not only will they be happy with you BUT you can enjoy the fresh ocean air, meet some new dog friends, and you just never know who you might run into. The park is clean, offers shaded areas, and can handle small pets. 

7. Explore Neighboring Towns

Ogunquit has many activities to keep you busy throughout your visit, but there are many quaint coastal towns close by to explore. 

Neighboring Towns:

  • York
  • Wells
  • Kennebunkport

 8. Experience Ogunquit Nightlife

Ogunquit offers fantastic nightlife. From luxury bars where you can sip your favorite martini to clubs where you can dance the night away, there is something for everyone. This beautiful seaside town has a lot to offer, from wine bars to pubs where you can unwind with a glass of local Maine beer.

Check out some of these popular night spots around Ogunquit:

  • Front Porch Piano Bar
  • Surf Point 360
  • Jackies Too


9. The Marginal Way Cliff Walk 

The Marginal Way in Ogunquit is a breath-taking cliff walk that takes you along the rocky shore of the Maine coast. There are about thirty five different spots to stop and take in the view along the Marginal Way. Optimal time to go is always. If you are an early morning riser, then be prepared to see some of the most beautiful sunrises. 

10. Explore Perkins Cove

Perkins Cove is at the far end of the Marginal Way. It was once merely a fishing community, but now there are several shops, restaurants, and other historical structures situated in this cove. The streets of Perkins Cove are perfect for shopping. Look around for stores that sell locally made goods while taking in the local artistry talent that is on display in the town’s several art galleries.

Visiting Ogunquit, Maine

As you can see, there are many outdoor activities in Ogunquit, Maine. From beaches to boat rides to eating at local restaurants, there is something for everyone to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Book your stay in Ogunquit and start experiencing all that Maine has to offer. 

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