Sweet Winter in Ogunquit

maine maple sunday near ogunquitAhh, the quiet of winter! Sure it is cold and there may be just a little snow – but with it comes one of our favorite times of the year:Maine Maple Sunday. Always on the fourth Sunday in March – so you can think of it as an early celebration of Spring – the day is highlighted by sugar shack open houses and sweet treats.

Here are our top five ways to enjoy Maine Maple Sunday

See How Syrup is Made
The inside of the sugar shack is fascinating – and really not much has changed in making syrup for centuries. As the old Mainer’s say ‘from the time the first crow flies, usually in late February, to sometime in mid April, the sparkling clear “sweetwater” flows’. One large tree may pour out as much as 60 gallons of sap , which seems like a lot, until you realize that the sap will be reduced to about one and a half gallons of syrup. It takes a lot of ‘sweetwater’ to cover those pancakes!

Homemade Pancakes
Speaking of flap jacks, the farms and sugar shacks take great pride in producing these tiny little fluffy pieces of heaven. Of course, it is the time honored way to try out the maple syrup on a pancake. Warm off the griddle, steps from the boiling room and out in the fresh Maine air. Ayuh is just right.

Maine-ly Candy
Maple syrup is just one of the products made from this time honored tradition. Another is maple sugar, which creates tasty little treats for all ages. Usually shaped into a Maple leaf, you’ll find a sorts of fun candies from moose to lollipops when you hop from sugar shack to sugar shack

What Does an Alpaca Say?
Not much. In fact, standing right next to a Maine farmer, it may be tough to see who talks first! A funny farm animal and a favorite for knitters, Alpaca’s bring a smile to your face – and warmth to your closest. Browse the handmade sweaters, scarves, mittens and more while nibbling on your Maple candy.

Make the Grade
Of course we all know Aunt Jemina in the supermarket is something ‘kinda like’ syrup. But wait til you see the real deal made and learn what makes Grade A syrup and how to judge the flavor by color. Amber, dark, strong and delicate are all important differences how a maple syrup measures up. You’ll be swirling your syrup before your know it.

Still not sure about Maine Maple Sunday?
Add a little extra fun with a walk along Marginal Way or a drive to the top of Mt. A to see the stunning view. Be sure to bring your camera. There really is nothing as refreshing as crisp Maine air and the joy of visiting real working Maine farms.

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