What Are The Best Hotels in Ogunquit Maine?

Best hotels in Ogunquit MaineEach year, our team speaks with well over 10,000 guests with respect to planning their Maine vacation. And because so many folks know our hotel and our thoughts on all things Ogunquit from our Ogunquit Beach Maine blog, Facebook and more, guests often feel comfortable asking us who are some of the other hotels and competitors we have in the area.

We get it.

If we are full (it happens a lot, we know!), you still want to take that trip, will still be celebrating that anniversary or promotion and really need help. So to be blatantly honest with respect to competition, the Meadowmere is really kind of unique with the many room choices, amenities and central location for walking. However, here is a list of some of the hotels that have a solid reputation in the Ogunquit area:

  1. Anchorage by the Sea: Having been around for years, Anchorage by the Sea is located on the Marginal Way and specializes in clean motel rooms with amazing views. The hotel also has pools, hot tubs and has a heavy emphasis on the restaurant 360 onsite.
  2. Colonial Inn: Located on Shore Road, the Colonial Inn has also been around the Ogunquit area for many years, having fairly recently been renovated, with their main offering being king rooms. It’s historic with a friendly staff and a good location if a farther walk than us.
  3. Gorges Grant: Whereas Anchorage by the Sea and Colonial Inn have on the water and close to on the water locations, Gorges Grant has always focused on clean hotel rooms with onsite breakfast and pools.
  4. Admiral’s Inn: Another staple of the Ogunquit hotel options over the years, the Admiral’s Inn specialized in motel style rooms, but also has very large outdoor pools and an onsite pub too.
  5. Cliff House Resort & Spa: Like the Meadowmere, the Cliff House Resort & Spa has been full service for many, many years, and recently underwent a lot of renovations. While a good distance outside of town (you’ll have to drive), if the resort atmosphere with spa, restaurant and fitness center is important, then this is an option to research.

So there are 5 hotels to consider if you’re getting quotes for your Ogunquit vacation and we are sold out or you just want to compare. As we have stated before, the key to finding the best hotel in Ogunquit and a great experience for your Ogunquit vacation is:

  • Educating yourself on your hotel
  • Thinking beyond just the price

Hopefully, in your case, both of these tips will help your vacation experience be an exceptional one.

Happy travels!

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