best ways to hygge in ogunquit maineAhh, the long cold winter! Whether that brings to mind dark days or chilly nights – you can certainly count on great ways to survive with a little hygge in Ogunquit. Hygge, pronounced “HUE-guh” is the Danish word for cozy and refers to that feeling of creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with friends and family. Highlights of our Ogunquit getaway will include actual time spent in clean Maine air – no concrete sidewalks – and adventures worth sharing together first, then on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Ogunquit is a town that is truly known for comfort.

Here are our top ways to Hygge in Ogunquit

Roman Spa
Often called the best amenity we have, the Roman Spa is the endless relaxation that comes with swirling salt water. You can have a spot under the water fall or a corner seat for conversation with a good friend. Or maybe just sit and watch the snow fall and winter’s beauty. And no need to brave the cold to reach this warm cozy spot – it’s indoor accessible.

Read a Book in a Nook
Sure an e-reader is convenient but what about those old fashion pages? Grab an oldie but goodie from our library and snuggle into a spot. All along the hallways are hang outs just for slowing down and relaxing. From the Tea Room to the lobby couches, grab your snuggy and curl up with a real book.

Embrace Local
Did you know Maine is one of the most agricultural states in the US? With blueberries, potatoes and more, it’s easy to understand why Maine has such delicious food (you did get a lobster roll, right?). Take to a restaurant known for it’s local connections such as Cornerstone, MC Perkins Cove, Jonathan’s, Old Village Inn or Northern Union. Linger thru the menu and complement good food with good local made drink.

Sweeten the Love
Showing people you love them is at the core of connection and creating your hygge. And nothing is quite as sweet as chocolate shared. Grab your fluffy mittens and snuggy socks to take a walk down Ogunquit’s quaint brick sidewalks into a real old fashioned candy shoppe. Spend time together picking out a custom box of chocolates from hand made gourmet treats. Later, you can enjoy this sweet treat fireside in the cozy hotel lobby.

See the Stars
Often where one lives, the stars get lost. In Ogunquit, with clear skies and the Marginal Way, you can finally find the winter constellations. Just don silk long underwear, wool socks, a cozy hat and your winter gear for the most peaceful stroll ever. Return with a camera full of amazing images and a fresh sense of wonder.

Still not sure about how to hygge in Ogunquit?
Add a little outdoor fun with a hike at Mt. Agamenticus or a drive to the top together to see the sights. Ogunquit from this view is absolutely charming to experience with friends and loved ones. Be sure to bring your camera. There really is nothing as refreshing as the crisp Maine air to make our cozy lobby fireplace even better.

If you’re thinking of visiting our Ogunquit hotel for your vacation, to enjoy a cocktail in the pub by the fireplace or to head to Maine for fun, check out our Hygge Getaways and great hotel room choices with a central location.

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