Meeting Planner Tips for Fall: The Early Bird Sees the Foliage in Maine

We all know that the early bird gets the worm. It’s a time worn phrase. But the other thing that early birds get are prime dates for their Fall meetings. With festivals, weddings, bus tours, leaf peepers and more, meeting planners that have that ever important Q3/Q4 meeting are making the call for space early. Sometimes a whole year. It’s not that they need that much time to plan every detail of their Fall meeting – It’s that they know how hard October dates can be to get!

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Unexpected Guests: What do you do when a meeting crasher comes to Maine?

After all that planning and double checking registrations, you are at your meeting and a VP just came up to tell you that he just met Bob at the bar and can’t place him in the company. As you glance over, you realize why. It’s because Bob is a meeting crasher.  Heck, he’s even gotten a hold of those official drink vouchers you created.

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