A list of cleaning chemicals can be found here.


  • PPE will be available upon request for all guests
  • All public areas will have magazines and reading materials removed
  • Excess items, including directories and bed scarves will be removed from the rooms
  • Certain amenities will be closed until further notice 
    • Sauna and Steam Rooms are closed in both locker rooms
  • During your stay we will not be providing stayover room service. We want to make sure that your space stays a safe space for you.  Please let the front desk know if you need any additional items or would like any trash and/or linens removed.


Our staff will be wearing PPE at all required times

  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Gowns (when working in laundry)
  • Frequent removal and disposal is required (no gloves or masks used in more than one room)

Social Distancing Rules Will Be Followed

  • Schedules for all members of the housekeeping team will be staggered.
  • Contact among team members will be avoided whenever possible.
  • Staff must report any symptoms they may have or if they feel a guest may be exhibiting.

Best Practices in Public Areas

  • A log of each public area’s disinfection is to be kept
  • Prominent signage of amenity closures and requirements will be in place in accordance with CDC guidelines
  • All high touch areas will be disinfected at a higher frequency with EPA certified disinfecting products

Best Practices for Housemen

  • Social Distancing is imperative among all team members
  • Do not agitate dirty linen
  • Remove linen from rooms and hallways as quick as possible
  • Do not remove linen from bags in laundry unless following laundry attendant protocols

Best Practices for Room Attendants

  • Throughout shift, spray and disinfect doorknobs and touchpoints in hallway
  • Proper timing for disinfectants to be effective will be followed
  • Standard housekeeping procedures will be followed with the additional measures
  • Particular attention will be paid to high-touch areas and items including:
    • remotes
    • hair dryers
    • telephones
    • towel rack
    • faucets
    • light switches
    • clocks
    • drawers and door knobs
  • Social distancing and PPE protocol will be followed

Best Practices in Laundry

  • Social distancing is most difficult here and mindfulness of other’s needs is paramount
  • When handling dirty laundry: mask, gloves and gown REQUIRED.
  • Full disposal of PPE items when moving from washers to dryers.
  • Full disposal of PPE items when moving from machine room to folding room.

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