The Meadowmere Resort is an independent, family-owned hotel in Ogunquit, Maine. As the Meadowmere began in 1983, the Resort’s features were an indoor pool and a smile. A dedication to a hearty Maine welcome and gracious hospitality has allowed us to grow over the years.

With that growth, The Meadowmere Resort recognizes the increasing importance of operating an environmentally responsible hotel. We acknowledge that the efforts we make today towards our surroundings will benefit all living things tomorrow, and we operate with the belief that ecological and economic sustainability can go hand in hand. The Meadowmere Resort continues incorporating this philosophy into all phases of business. We are committed to protecting our environment and helping to ensure a beautiful place by the sea for generations to come.

The programs initiated here by The Meadowmere Environmental Team include solid waste reduction, material reuse, energy and water conservation, and hazardous waste elimination. Our goal is to make environmental awareness second nature to our employees and guests. The following are some of the ways The Meadowmere Resort and our employees are working to be more environmentally responsible. We encourage all employees and guests to suggest ways we may improve and expand our environmental programs.

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The Meadowmere & Cavaretta Family

The Meadowmere Resort Environmental Team:

The MRET team was established by the hotel to help ensure environmental sensitivity in all hotel operations. The team meets weekly throughout the year. This team is open to all employees and was created to research, develop, and implement environmental programs and operations.

Kitchen and Housekeeping Departments

  • Eliminate the use of Styrofoam food containers in the kitchen.
  • Research the compost of high season kitchen food waste and the recycling of utensils, containers and cutlery.
  • Eliminate the use of aerosol spray products in the kitchen and housekeeping. Strive to acheive and maintain 100% aerosol free standard.
  • Use non-toxic cleaning materials in the kitchen and housekeeping. Our cleaning chemicals are 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Re-use packing material from merchandise shipping.
  • Emphasize local, Maine-made and environmental education products.
  • Donate used soaps to the Global Soap Project
  • Ozone laundry system
  • Solar hot water system

Administrative Offices and Purchasing/Recycling Departments

  • Reduce waste through careful buying to eliminate excessive packaging, including buying in bulk.
  • Support community businesses by purchasing as many locally made products as possible.
  • Buy only recycled paper products for office use, newsletters, and promotional materials.
  • Provide recyling bins and pamphlets resort wide and in-room for guest use and education.
  • Photocopy materials on both sides whenever feasible.
  • Cut up used office paper for note pads.
  • Use E.P.A. “Energy Star compliant” machinery whenever possible.

Guest and Staff Rooms

  • Offer guests the option not to have sheets and towels changed every day in an effort to reduce energy use and detergent waste.
  • Participate in the Project Planet Hotel Environmental Program.
  • Reduce guest room waste stream by utilizing recycling and water conservation programs, including bins, low water shower heads and low water toilets.
  • Solar PV panels for the production of electricity for the seasonal building
  • Use biodegradable liquid soap, shampoo and hair conditioner as guest room bath amenities. Use no products tested on animals.
  • Use packaging that is recyclable for guest room bath amenities. Our amenities are both recyclable and made with recycled materials.
  • Use PABA free amenity lines to promote sustainable forestry.

Environmental Education

  • Maintain environmental information for guests and staff with current information and tips.
  • Make available for guests education opportunities at local land preserves for guests.
  • Participate in conferences and programs promoting green business ethics and environmental awareness.

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