In your search for the best hotel in Ogunquit . . . let’s ask: Are you looking for a best friend in your hotel?

Odd? Hear us out. Let’s say two women who met online are having their first phone conversation and here is how it goes:

Lady G: “Hi, I’m in need of a best friend. There are five other potential besties I’ll be calling today and I need to see if you have time to hang out so you can tell me why I should pick you.”

Lady B: “Wow, okay. I thought maybe we could just grab a coffee. You know at Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, . . .

Lady G: “Oh no, no time for that. I have to get this done. I just need you to tell me because I’ll be choosing a best friend by tomorrow. This friendship has to happen this summer!”

Lady B: “Being this is such a big decision; don’t you think you should maybe learn a little about me before we hang out? I can at least….

Lady G: “Look, I really just want to get as many of these calls made as possible. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays open right now for hanging out. Which is best for you?”

Does this seem absolutely insane to you? Maybe because it is! But this is exactly how many vacationers approach finding the best hotel in Ogunquit.

So What’s The Problem?

The problem is that whether you want it or not, you will have a significant relationship with your hotel in Ogunquit – or really anywhere you stay – and it’s not all that different from a friendship. You will live with this hotel and its employees for a couple of days, sharing needs, space and well, your bedroom with them, right?

The vacation planner who is only interested in getting prices, without investing the time to become educated about the hotel, is setting themselves up for a disappointing trip.

Any Hotel Will Let You Buy A Room

Don’t get us wrong. There’s no shortage of hotels in Ogunquit that are happy to pick up the phone, scribble down a reservation, check you in, check you out and let you figure out your trip on your own….just like when you thought that sending a thoughtful note would make you a new friend – and you would get a little thanks in return. Many people don’t realize that the ‘smile and nod’ is exactly what they’re attracting when they make these two fundamental mistakes when booking a hotel.

The Two Biggest Mistakes of Planning a Vacation

Mistake #1: They Don’t Take Time To Educate Themselves on the Hotels in Ogunquit

Information is power. This is just as true with a vacation as with anything else. Time and time again we’ve seen that the educated guest is the happiest guest on earth for the following reasons:

  1. They are typically delighted with their hotel and what they do with their time in Ogunquit
  2. They plan more thoroughly, taking time to make spa appointments, dinner reservations and driving distances happen in advance
  3. They invest every dollar of their vacation wisely for what matters to them, not what’s on some internet list, and they let us help with that

Mistake #2: They Make Decisions Based Solely On Price

Price is important – everyone has a vacation budget, but making your hotel decision based on price alone is like declaring your best friend is the one that bought you the most expensive gift regardless of that horrible thing they just said about you. So if price isn’t everything, what else is there?

It seems that the same qualities that make for a great friend also make for a great hotel in Ogunquit.

4 Qualities Of A Great Hotel in Ogunquit…and Friend

  1. They Listen to You
  2. They Are Only Interested in A Long Term Relationship
  3. They Are Dependable
  4. They Keep Your Trust

So how can you tell the good hotel from the bad? Well, Trip Advisor and BBB ratings make that pretty straight forward. Really more likely, you are looking to know the differences between good, better, and best.

There are several ways. First, check references. Odds are really good that a friend or family member has information on a great hotel in Ogunquit. Second, check Trip Advisor and other public forums, like the hotel’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Third, follow your gut…sometimes you get that feeling and frankly, we find it good advice to follow it.

So, you might be wondering, ‘What is the right way to go about researching a hotel?’. Great question, here’s what we suggest:

5 Stages of Hotel Friendship

  1. Step One: Determine Which Hotel Type is Right For You – Motel, Resort, Hotel, Bed Size, Fireplace SuiteJacuzzi Suite – heck maybe a Fireplace and Jacuzzi Suite!
  2. Step Two: Study the Options and Amenities – If you only go to the hotel, what is there to do exactly when you are there? Nothing blows a vacation more than a poor weather day and nothing to do. Research the amenities right there onsite.
  3. Step Three: Vet the Hotel – Google, Trip Advisor, Facebook. For example, here are links to the Meadowmere’s G+ pageTrip Advisor reviews and Facebook page.
  4. Step Four: Request a Quote for Your Vacation – Be sure to be on the hotel’s direct website or call them directly. Why? Here is a whole list of reasons why booking directly with a hotel is a good idea.
  5. Step Five: Ask for the Most Important Activity for You – Tell the hotel if running every day is important. Or if this is your honeymoon. Or if you wear ear plugs, pack a white noise machine and special pillows.

Remember, you want a long term friend here and well, that means sharing information both ways.

If you are considering a trip to Ogunquit this year, we wish you the best in finding your hotel bestie.

Happy travels!

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