Ogunquit Hotel Reservations

Reservations are recommended year round at our hotel for our rooms and suites. When visiting Maine and making plans to stay at our family resort, reservations are especially encouraged for holiday weekends, Ogunquit festivals, summer season, fall foliage and school vacations.

When planning your Maine vacation, our hotel has many types of accommodations to choose from. We would love to hear from you and are happy to help guide you on the best fit for your trip. You can also visit online reviews from guests at our family resort and see what they have to say about staying in the heart of Ogunquit.

Ogunquit hotel rooms and resortIt is our pleasure to offer award winning hotel accommodations in the Southern Maine area at rates that may just surprise you. To get the best rate possible at the Meadowmere Resort, book directly on www.meadowmere.com. 

When you BookSmart by booking direct with us, 100% of your payment goes directly into making your Ogunquit vacation more enjoyable, and it's easier for us to manage your reservation, help you with any questions, or make any necessary changes. Booking directly means no booking fees, no waiting for your confirmation letters to go thru a third party, being able to talk to a real person onsite and to be eligible for upgrades, cancellation flexibility and next stay credits. To learn more about why to book our hotel directly, check out our information on BookSmart.

Next time you visit Ogunquit, book online directly with us for your vacation or give us a call at 207-646-9661 for assistance in planning your trip to our home.