Ogunquit Heritage

Ogunquit is a picturesque little village nestled on the coast of Southern Maine

The history of Ogunquit Maine is wonderful. The name is of Abenaki Indian origin and aptly means 'beautiful place by the sea' - a reflection of the gorgeous stretch of beach and stunning Oceanside cliffs. Fearless fishermen kept their dories in the outer part of what is now Perkins Cove, next to those cliffs and exposed to the whims of the Atlantic Ocean.

Taking to the sea has been a part of Ogunquit's history and life for survival and pleasure since the settlement's beginnings. Trading vessels left the pier loaded with firewood and lumber, returning with sugar, molasses, rum and salt. Now, thousands of visitors walk the fine sandy beach, stroll the Marginal Way, and take to the ocean in search of spotting a pod of whales.

Hotel near Ogunquit MuseumsThe town's landscape is peppered with traditional New England homes and elegant structures - such as the Ogunquit Memorial Library given to the town in 1897. Many unique buildings that are part of Ogunquit's history now house fine restaurants and quaint shops. The shanties along Perkins Cove were originally home to Maine Lobstermen but have since grown into a thriving tourist attraction - with spraying waves, a romantic footbridge, and Molly the Trolley driving by.

And as one walks along Marginal Way - a gift from Josiah Chase to the village - and watches the ocean's beauty, one is captured by the scent of the sea and the beauty of Ogunquit. Or perhaps it is the sound of laughter coming from the three-mile plus stretch of beach, where families for generations have played in tidal pools and couples have meandered hand in hand in the tide.

Proud of our history - from ocean to architecture to arts - Ogunquit village dedicates many resources to preserving its culture and beauty. It makes Ogunquit Village a great family vacation spot -Check out the Top Things to Do with Kids. Such a commitment has attracted famous faces, from artist Charles Woodbury in the early 1900's to writers F.Scott Fitzgerald and Earnest Hemingway to today's stars of television and film. All have come -and continue to enjoy - the quaint Oceanside village of Ogunquit. We hope you enjoy your visit and the memories made by the sea.

For additional information on the history of Ogunquit Maine and Ogunquit village, please visit the Captain James Winn House, home of the Ogunquit Heritage Museum, at 86 Obeds Lane or call 1-207-646-0296.