When planning your vacation at our hotel, Ogunquit has a lot to offer. It is our pleasure to help guide you on the best fit for your trip. That’s why we created this list of the Best Things to Do in Ogunquit – any time of the year. Discover why our hotel is a destination for any season, holiday or festival in Ogunquit.

Finally, to truly make your vacation relaxing, remember booking directly with our hotel is the best way to take advantage of these great vacation tips. We call booking directly BookSmart because:

  • It’s easier for us to help you with any questions, or make any necessary changes.
  • No booking fees, no waiting for your confirmation letters to go thru a third party
  • Being able to talk to a real person onsite
  • Being eligible for upgrades, cancellation flexibility and next stay credits.
  • Your information stays private.
  • You get to be in charge of your choices for your vacation.

Book online directly or call at 207-646-9661 for your trip to our home.

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