Is an Airbnb the Best Way to Stay in Ogunquit Maine?

Best hotels in Ogunquit MaineThat depends.

Each year, our team speaks with well over 10,000 guests with respect to planning their Maine vacation. And because so many folks know our hotel and our thoughts on all things Ogunquit from our Ogunquit Beach Maine blog, Facebook and more, guests often feel comfortable asking us ‘is an Ogunquit Airbnb a good way to go?’

We get it.

If we are full (it happens, quite a bit actually), you still want to take that trip and want a great value. And if you haven’t stayed with us before, what gives? Why choose us?

To be blatantly honest with respect to rentals, the Meadowmere is really kind of unique with the many room choices, amenities and central location for walking. However, here is a list of some of the differences when staying at a hotel vs an Airbnb in the Ogunquit area:

  1. Everything is guaranteed with hotels. You know exactly what you’re going to get when you walk in and how you’re supposed to leave it. It’s the familiar feeling we love to have when we travel. Some folks don’t mind a curve ball or two during a vacation, such as the unexpected list of rules on how to jiggle the toilet handle, set the temperature, place your sheets before leaving and to not disturb the collection of very, very interesting dolls on seemingly every shelf. Yeah, some folks are totally okay with never knowing what is behind that locked room you can’t enter. For some, that spells disaster. You know you best.
  2. Family travel. Let’s say you have ages from 8 to 80 coming together. That’s a lot of folks to be camp counselor and chief scheduler for. Whether it’s a kids’ meal you need, extra sheets in the early hours of the morning, a set up cot on arrival or even a pool on site, our hotel makes sure that your comfort and entertainment – plus everyone in your party – are well taken care of.
  3. Location, location, location. Hotels are usually situated in the perfect locations for sightseeing, business meetings and of course the restaurants and bars. There’s a reason for that – towns like to put such things together and leave the residential homes to quiet neighborhoods. Which means you’ll be farther from everything and have that strange feeling that the neighbors are watching you (They are – you are new and keeping a weird schedule, not to mention wearing your favorite beach gear and flip flops).  The hotel on the other hand is centrally located to the beach, shops, attractions, trolley line and just so happens to have all sorts of beach gear outfits on parade. Go ahead, wear that snorkel all day – We get you.
  4. Amenities – even the ones you forget about. All the amenities are on hand at our hotel. Sure that means pools, hot tubs, fitness center and a game room. But it also means BBQ area, shampoos, towels and – drum roll please – housekeeping service. Cause yeah, you could just leave the house that way but you know you won’t. In over three decades of welcoming folks to Ogunquit, we have yet to find a guest who doesn’t appreciate being able to have our amazing team take care of them when things get, well, dirty.
  5. Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?  There’s someone to help you just a short phone call away. 24-hours. Right onsite.  And we like it.  So much so that we also give you an email and text app to find us too.

So there are 5 reasons to consider if you’re getting quotes for your Ogunquit vacation and we are sold out or you just want to compare getting an Ogunquit Airbnb to us. As we have stated before, the key to finding the best hotel in Ogunquit and a great experience for your Ogunquit vacation is:

  • Educating yourself on your accommodations
  • Thinking beyond just the price

Hopefully, in your case, both of these tips will help your vacation experience be an exceptional one.

Happy travels!

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